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Endurance Specifications

the endurance weighs 26.5 pounds


maximum speed


phone controllable
has wifi
has usb

Editorial Review

To the list of unpleasant human tasks relegated to bots, interacting with other humans can be happily added. As the smartphone has eliminated the need for vocal communications through the literate art of texting, telepresence negates the need to even show up. Promoted as a means for students with physical limitations or illness to still attend classes, telepresence robots are notably absent of arms, which seems highly limiting for those who would otherwise raise their hands for questions. While also suggested for medical environments, it seems the doctor’s bedside manner will necessarily fall by the wayside to his or her screen presence.

These Remote Presence Devices come in a wide variety of forms, most with the same basic function – compensation for lack of human physicality. The Orbis Robotics Carl was created by a son to commune with his dying father remotely and, although it wasn’t created quickly enough, it was still able to add attending funerals to its advertised functions. The Endurance Selfiebot is a stationary desktop RPD that can capture high-resolution imagery and broadcast sound with its optional speakers, while the Thecorpora Qbo Pro Evo Robot is capable of voice recognition and 3D mapping.

Rolling up and appearing very much like a carpet sweeper with a tablet on top, the Endurance isn’t much to look at. It features an ASUS Nexus tablet and the LinPhone program, which is an open-source app along the lines of Skype. Once loaded into your system, calls can be made to the Endurance, allowing it to be controlled remotely. The tablet can interface with WiFi, 2G and 3G, as well as 4G LTE, all of which make it usable with any Internet connection, including local or peer-to-peer. With 4 sensitive sonar sensors, the Endurance can survey its surroundings and avoid obstructions and impediments. A micro-computer controls the wheel platform which communicates with the tablet possessing a mini-USB connection. Featuring Android Debug Mode along with their Bluetooth-challenging connectivity, the Endurance promises greater reliability and platform stability for those who do show up.

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Endurance, the maker of the Endurance telepresence robot, seeks to provide energy-efficient technologies for controlling their robot.

Tom's Guide

The Endurance robot comes equipped with an ASUS Nexus tablet and the LinPhone program, an open-source application similar to Skype.

Tom's Guide

Equipped with 4 sensitive sonars (sensors), which effectively scan the space on the move. With an obstacle ahead, the system automatically stops.

Tom's Guide