Emoi H0027 Diffuser Lamp Speaker

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H0027 Diffuser Lamp Speaker Specifications

4.8" x 4.8" x 6.2"
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the h0027 diffuser lamp speaker weighs 1.3 pounds


has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

The Emoi H0027 Diffuser Lamp Speaker is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of lamp, audio speaker and aromatic oil diffuser. It mounts a three-pronged attack on the tension you've built up over a busy day at the office or taking care of the kids, filling the air with the sweet aroma of tropical plants, creating soft mood lighting for dimly lit rooms and playing music from your favorite MP3 player via Bluetooth. It's not the cheapest oil diffuser on the market, but given that it has three different functions, it's actually something of a bargain. If you needed a Bluetooth speaker for the living room, wanted mood lighting and are into aromatherapy, you get it all with one purchase.

The Emoi looks like a thick, round candle and is about as large as a pound cake -- a very tall pound cake. There are buttons tucked low on one side of the unit, including controls that start, stop, pause and control the volume of the music, plus a timer that tells it how long you want it to diffuse the oils and a button that cycles through the unit's range of colors. (Almost the entire unit glows.) There's also a smartphone app that does most of those things too and is especially good at controlling the color, using a color wheel similar to ones you'll find in programs like Photoshop for setting the exact shade of color that you want. (Once started, the Emoi will cycle through its full range of colors, starting with the one you select.) The app also controls the intensity and duration of the aromas and has controls for the music, so you don't have to get up from that comfortable position you've taken on the sofa to switch from Coldplay to the Mantovani String Orchestra, assuming there's anybody in the world who listens to both.

If you want a relaxing, mood-changing, even romantic evening, the Emoi will probably do the job, but also look at the considerably less expensive Miro CleanPot, the Pilgrim Sofia Waterless and the Serene House Scentilizer Donut, all of which will do a good job of diffusing aromas and some of which also light up and play music.

Emoi H0027 Diffuser Lamp Speaker | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

H0027 Diffuser Lamp Speaker Reviews From Around The Web


My wife and I are enjoying the diffuser. It is a great product that allows us to get great smells throughout the house while enjoying our music.

Tom's Guide

It seems to work great. You can change it to any color with a built in color wheel on the app. Kicks off a nice scent. Overall very happy!

Tom's Guide

This is the best thing I've bought for myself in ages! Everything about this product works perfectly. Operation and connection via bluetooth was simple and quick.

Tom's Guide

It's not terrible, but just not as useful purely as a diffuser. So, for us, it's a "no". The strumming noises seem pointless and excessively loud, and can't be turned off.

Tom's Guide