Electric Motor Werks JuiceBox Pro

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JuiceBox Pro Specifications

small bottom hand
released date


the juicebox pro weighs 21 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi

Editorial Review

It's a misnomer to refer to a device like the Electric Motor Werks JuiceBox Pro as an electric vehicle (EV) charger. The charger for your electric car, assuming you own one, is built into it. The box that you place on your wall to pump electricity into that charger is called Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or EVSE. However, it's unlikely that anybody's going to start calling the EVSE anything except an electric car charger soon, so we'll go with the flow and use that term to describe the JuiceBox Pro.

The speed with which you can charge an electric vehicle is dependent on a couple of things. One is the amount of power that the EVSE -- er, electric car charger -- on your wall is capable of transmitting to the charger in your car and another is the acceptance rate of the car's own charger. Most lower-end electric/plug-in hybrid cars, like the Chevy Volt or Nissan LEAF, have fairly low acceptance rates and the amount of power that the charger on your wall puts into it is irrelevant if it's faster than the acceptance rate. Buying a high-speed wall charger isn't going to speed up the time it takes to charge your car.

The Electric Motor Werks JuiceBox Pro is a fast charger. It'll take on that advanced Tesla model you've been drooling over, but it's smart enough to slow down and handle the LEAF as well. The problem is that the JuiceBox Pro is expensive and if you own a LEAF you'd primarily be buying it for EVs that you plan to own in the future. Whether this is worth it to you or not is your decision. If your EV isn't state-of-the-art then you might well want to go with a ClipperCreek LCS-20 or a Leviton EVB40-P5T, which will cost you half or less what the JuiceBox Pro will cost you. On the other hand, if you have a powerful EV like a Tesla or just don't want to upgrade your EVSE -- that charging box on your wall -- when you get one, the extra cost of the JuiceBox Pro might be worth it to you.

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We can do a full charge in 3 hours from empty. Thanks Juice Box! Your system and app is amazing!

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This is the simplest way to have 240 charging system for a house. No need for any installation other than buying an adaptor.

Tom's Guide

The JuiceBox EV Charger is fully waterproof and capable of withstanding even complete submersion for several minutes.

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