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Winbot W830 Specifications

7.9" x 8.7" x 4.1"
the winbot w830 weighs 2.9 pounds


remote control included
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857440  004545

Editorial Review

The home-care bot is in ascendancy. Stuff once the sole province of human industry -- getting someone else to do our cleaning for us -- has now been turned on its head. Instead of employing humans who are manifestly self-contained, we bring in the machine which necessitates maintenance. While the floor bot vacuums up granular particulate matter, the human still needs to empty it and see to its filter. The pool cleaner will sweep all manner of accumulated detritus from the pool bottom but it still relies on the human hand to return it to its purity of essence. And the automated litter box?

While attaching an automatic cleaner to a window will ideally reduce the work of washing the window, its cleaning pads still need to be cleaned afterward. Instead of cleaning our glass we clean our glass cleaner. The next generation of the Winbot W series, the 830, carries on the tradition of the earlier Ecovacs Winbot W730. Unlike the converted car buffer-looking Hobot 168 with its round spinners that miss the corner issue entirely, the Winbots are a square deal.

The options continue to accrue as the Winbot W830 will clean framed and unframed shower doors, frosted, filmed and colored glass. Not content to dispatch vertical grime, the Winbot W830 even takes on horizontal filth. A microfiber cleaning pad covers the W830's outside edges. With a little spritz of cleanser, it’s on its way, sucking and rolling your windows cleaner. The smart suction fan holds it to the glass while little rubber roller tracks motivate it across the desired surface. Its back-up battery keeps the little bot holding on in cases of A/C interruption. And for the additional security one might seek for a machine rolling over vertical glass, the Safety Pod System tethers the bot. Pathfinder Technology scans the cleaning area and calculates the size and best path for cleaning efficiency.

Ecovacs Winbot W830 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

Winbot W830 Reviews From Around The Web


Very happy with this Winbot window cleaner. Realized that it works better on the inside windows that aren't really dirty. Would be an awesome Christmas gift!

Tom's Guide

It is awful. The small little micro fiber pad is not designed for cleaning large outside windows. Nice idea, but not good for large outside windows.

Tom's Guide

Easy to use, efficient, fast enough, do not leave traces (knowing that we must never make the windows in direct sunlight). I'm happy, it's a great product!

Tom's Guide