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Deebot N78 Specifications

the deebot n78 weighs 9.7 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling

Editorial Review

Finding a robot that can sweep, mop and vacuum your floor while you're off at work pretending you have a maid isn't as expensive a proposition as you'd think. A number of companies offer low-cost robotic floor cleaners that, while not necessarily as well-constructed or feature-filled as the top-of-the-line models, will still leave room in your budget for that robotic lawnmower you've been coveting and the smart TV that you plan to mount in your freshly scrubbed living room. For the price, the Deebot N78 from China-based company Ecovacs may well have the most features of any bargain-priced floor-cleaning bot on the market. The N78 will sweep and vacuum in a single pass and has an optional mop kit for the more stubborn dirt that hides in corners thinking it might be safe from automated extermination. It has anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, and it has three cleaning modes, so it can either be left to its own devices, so to speak, in deducing a cleaning pattern or can be specifically targeted at dirty areas or edges and corners.

What it lacks is WiFi connectivity and a smartphone app -- you have to give up something to get a low price -- but it makes up for it with a dedicated remote control that lets you program it and direct it to specific locations without having to get out of your robotic massage chair. (Don't confuse it with the Roku remote, though, or you might wind up watching The Real Housewives of Westworld instead of Game of Thrones.) If you want a similar robo-cleaner in the same price range but with a mop that comes as a standard accouterment, you might be better off with the Segarty Ilife V5s. And if you'll settle for just the mopping and sweeping in order to get a brand name that's on every robot enthusiast's lips, you can get a more prestigious bargain with iRobot's Braava Jet 240, but it lacks a remote control and you'll have to put it back in its charging station by hand.

Ecovacs Deebot N78 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Picks up an impressive amount of dirt...pretty good at not getting stuck...mop feature is definitely nice...battery life is excellent. It'll clean for 2 hours on a charge.

Tom's Guide

The device's programming is kind of stupid and sometimes makes multiple wrong turns when trying to navigate around an obstacle or go home to the base.

Tom's Guide

Still bumps things, but not nearly as much. This adds to the quiet factor...seem to have more of a tendency to get stuck going over area rugs...battery life is impressive.

Tom's Guide