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Deebot D35 Specifications

11.8" x 11.8" x 2.3"
the deebot d35 weighs 4.9 pounds


battery life


has scheduling
has hepa filter
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Editorial Review

With so many people migrating to the cities, space is often found to be at a premium. With this in mind, there is the Ecovacs DEEBOT D35, which, at 2.25 inches, makes it suitable for squeezing into and under tight spaces in what might be rather small apartments or condos. It's almost the same height as the 2.2-inch Ecovacs Deebot DA60 Slim, which moonlights as a mopper, whereas the D35 is made specifically for kitchens and other bare floors, with an appetite for tasty food crumbs and pet hair. Lacking a main agitator brush makes the robot tangle-free, and its side brushes are ideal for baseboards. A single-button push gets the bot going, and it's smart enough to avoid stairs, return to its charging port, and automatically clean every day. Seeing as how robocleaners are expected to account for 60 to 70 percent of household cleaning in the next five years, this little bot will make a happy addition to the up-and-coming city family.

Urbanization and the expansion of the global middle class are two factors driving the growth of household-based robotic technology. It is predicted by some that there will be over 3 billion people of middle class status by 2020 and almost 5 billion by 2030. Whatever the true number, what is certain is that most of them will be living in cities. That's billions of urban consumers who will be able to afford anything from phones to refrigerators. With so much disposable income on hand, items like robotic house cleaners will likely be found in more homes than not.

China-based Ecovacs Robotics is one company looking to be there when that happens. Already one of the world's top three homebot manufacturers, they are seeking to expand into Thailand because of that country's vast pool of target customers, including the so-called "modern housewife," who will no doubt be all too-happy to relegate some of her cleaning tasks to such floorbots as the Ecovacs Deebot R95, a wet and dry mop with smartphone control. For the less tech-savvy but equally bot-centric city dweller, the Ecovacs Deebot D80 possesses an Optional Mop feature which allows you to vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Ecovacs Deebot D35 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

Deebot D35 Reviews From Around The Web


I did a lot of research and since this vacuum had a hepa filter and my son has really bad allergies and I can't vacuum everyday due to work. I thought I would give this a try.

Tom's Guide

The vacuum was not intuitive. It would run into the same thing every time it went into the same room though it was supposed to plot the space.

Tom's Guide

A little loud for a robot that's supposed to be operating mainly at night. Also, its scheduling system is very basic and can be automated to run just once a day.

Tom's Guide

Fits under my 4" tall bed and picks up a good bit of dirt. The cons are that it frequently gets lost and rarely makes it's way to it's dock on it's own.

Tom's Guide

This thing is great!...I have noticed my allergies getting better, my home is much cleaner, and overall i am much happier now...

Tom's Guide