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Evo 3500 Specifications

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the evo 3500 weighs 46.3 pounds


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Editorial Review

The European continent is home to some of history's greatest accomplishments. It's the birthplace of Western civilization. Empires have risen and fallen. Dictators have conquered and tasted defeat. Lately it's been making a lot of robot lawn mowers.

Sweden got into the game with Husqvarna's release of the Automower 220AC. Austria chipped in with Viking's Mi 422 P. And Italy has contributed the Ambrogio L85 Elite.

2009 marked the birth of France's contribution to the European Union of robotic mowers. E.Zicom, based in Dijon, is one of the country's foremost manufacturers of home robotics. The Evo 3500 is the ninth and largest model in E.Zicom's massive line of robotic lawn mowers. They're all similar in design and function. What separates the models are their charging times, battery lives, and top mowing distances. The other Evo units range from the 400 to the 3000, just under the 3500's range.

In addition to the mowers, the company produces robotic vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, blenders, and air purifiers.

While France is a republic today, Napoleon would be proud of the 3500. It's short and a little lumpy, but ruthless in its efficiency. User feedback has been positive in three ways: reliability, coverage, and communication. The 3500 is a healthy mower, without reported service breakdowns or software malfunctions. It also has a robust appetite for grass. The 3500 gets its name from its mowing range of 3500 square meters, which is just under 38,000 square feet or one square acre. And It's heavier than most robotic mowers at 46 pounds or 21 kilograms.

E.Zicom offers a five year warranty with three years covering parts and labor. No one has reported feedback, good or ill, on the company's customer service. That means either the machine never breaks or no one answers the phone. The 3500's positive reception would suggest the former.

France enters the robot fray with a successful and reliable field general. The 3500 leads its pack in battery life and mowing output. Time will tell if lawn mowers replace tanks on the historic battlefields of Europe.

E.Zicom Evo 3500 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Fits expectations of owners wishing to enjoy a robotic solution to care about their garden, without the pain of doing it yourself.

Tom's Guide

EVO 3500 is perfect to cover a land of 3,500 sqm...has Multi-Zone function, available from the iOS smartphone app and free ANDROID e.zigreen.

Tom's Guide

EVO 3500 is able to cover very large areas measuring up to 3500 squared meters. This giant can mow for 3 hours and be configured to 1-6 zones.

Tom's Guide