E.Zicom Evo 2000

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Evo 2000 Specifications

Dim 1
released date


the evo 2000 weighs 46.3 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


self charging
has wifi
has usb

Editorial Review

If you want to buy a an E.Zicom Evo 2000 robotic mower, it would help if you lived in France or had friends there, because that seems to be about the only place where it's available. Even the information about it on the Web is in French, so we brushed up on our Français (with some help from Google's translators) and returned from the deepest Parisien depths of le Web to let you know that the Evo 2000 is a powerful robomower that can tackle 2,000 square meters (or 21,500 square feet) of lawn that you can divide into as many as five sectors for separate grass-cutting treatment, with an upgrade to six zones available. It comes with a smartphone app to make programming easy if you don't want to deal with the control panel and LCD screen on top of the unit itself.

The Evo 2000 has waterproof toothed wheels for tackling your lawn in wet, muddy conditions, presumably even during the rain. You'll need to use the included perimeter cable to mark off the areas you want mowed, protecting those delicate beds of petunias and helping the Evo orient itself relative to the charger, so it can go home when those 21,500 square feet are done and its lithium-ion batteries are shot. Though the cable can be buried to keep it from ruining the landscaping, the bot will detect it and start mowing the moment it hits the perimeter. The cutting height can be adjusted between 30 and 40 mm (1.18 inches to 1.6 inches) to suit your taste in grass length. The Evo can detect the length of the grass and give an extra tough whacking to those areas that have become particularly overgrown.

The mower can sense obstacles and turn around when it detects one. Flip it over or lift it up and the blades will automatically stop, so your fingers won't get mowed along with the lawn (or just hit the emergency stop button if the blade is in danger of doing any damage). If you live in the U.S. and would rather not import a mower from Europe, look at some homegrown trimmers like the Belrobotics Bigmow or the Evatech S Class.

E.Zicom Evo 2000 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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A bit complicated, she seems to be robust and above all very nice, I hope it will be tame with me.

Tom's Guide

EVO 2000 can mow a lawn with an area of up to 2000 squared meters for 2:30 without recharging on 1-5 areas .

Tom's Guide