E.Zicom Evo 1000

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Evo 1000 Specifications

Dim 1
released date


the evo 1000 weighs 39.7 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


self charging
has wifi
has usb
Upc n
760190  142030

Editorial Review

The E.Zicom Evo 1000 robotic mower has the same matte black stealthy appearance of the E.Zicom 400 Evo but, as its numbered name implies, it aims higher. Not content with putting greens, the 1000 is able to take down 1000-meter lawns without breaking a sweat, or ideally a sprinkler. But like its less ambitious sibling, if it does snap one and cause a minor deluge, the Evo is able to work its manicuring magic in the rain. It can be programmed for up to 3 mowing zones and it even has a smartphone app so you can keep in touch with it while you’re apart.

Robotic mowers are just one way in which technology has forever changed the face of how humans get things done. Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of this is the rapidity with which these changes occur. Things never considered a decade ago are now commonplace, while things presented in fiction as problematic at best have become normalized. The fully automated house, postulated generations ago, has come to pass in many regards with smart-everything inter-connecting and communicating independently of human intervention. At least once the bills are paid, but now even computers handle that, placing pixel dollars into virtual accounts and distributing them in accordance to other pixels' requirements. More and more our bots just need us to keep the lights on.

The auto-house isn’t just interior space, and with an appreciation for that, bots have moved outdoors to assist in our burgeoning human stasis. Devoted to human recreational purity, they have been scooting around on the bottoms of pools for years, reducing the accretion of unwelcome detritus. They have also been helping around the yard, keeping the growth trimmed to manageable proportions, and so their commitment to landscaping is clear. The squat green Belrobotics Bigmow has a vaguely reptilian countenance and will cut lawns of up to 5 acres down to size. Making a mockery of the Big Mow’s pretensions, the Spider ILD 02 doesn’t just mow down molehills but mountains, able to tackle 55-degree slopes with ruthless efficiency. The 400 Evo is a less aggressive hewer of greenery, best suited for 400-meter lawns.

E.Zicom Evo 1000 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The robot mower Ezigreen EVO 1000 is perfect for surfaces measuring 1,000 squared meters maximum. This mower can mow 1-3 zones , depending on the programming.

Tom's Guide

I consider to have been deceived by various points on the purchase of this product that has yet many advantages to the security level, its practicality, its price and others.

Tom's Guide