E.Zicom 400 Evo

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400 Evo Specifications

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released date


the 400 evo weighs 39.7 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


self charging
has wifi
has usb
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Editorial Review

The European yard has needs no less pressing than anywhere the grass grows green. After WWII, Victory gardens were converted back to defeat lawns, and the struggle against weed encroachment and riparian attrition continues unabated. Instead of appreciable comestible benefits, the push to cosmetic appeal returned with the post-war boon of being able to maintain a patch of grass without somebody blowing it up all the time. While ground cover is imperative to reduce soil erosion and living space dust-bowls, the uniformity of the standard lawn allows for homogeneity in maintenance and neighbor envy.

Robomowers not only reduce personal effort, but in areas with limited space between residences, noise as well. To be able to attain manicured elegance with relative silence is to assure the proper reverence so deserved of those engaged in superior yardcraft. The Honda Miimo 520 is their top-of-the-line robomower focused upon the UK and its gardening necessities. The LB 300EL is stylish, like an older American customized car, and is equipped for an average, expansive American lawn of up to 50,000 square feet. The Evatech S Class is a heavy-duty rotary mower that is operated by remote control, and which can chop grass upwards of a meter high.

The E.Zicom 400 Evo rolls in on big, spiky back tires and 360-degree casters up front with a matte-black, Batmobile appeal. It even has a couple of fake machine-gun barrels protruding from the front, no doubt to ward off pests and garden gnomes. For the hands-on/hands-off gardener, it is controlled remotely and can operate on iOS and Android devices. Designed for 400-square meter yards, it features 2-zone mowing and the always popular 'clipping border' mode. Silent running is provided by the 400 Evo’s rechargeable lithium ion battery that will provide 90 minutes of mowing, which should well suffice a yard of such proportion. It has obstacle avoidance systems and will shut itself off if lifted from the ground in order to protect digits and toes. For those committed to rigid mowing schedules, the 400 Evo will even work its cutting magic in the rain.

E.Zicom 400 Evo | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Although you can not program it, it will be possible to control it from a distance if you have an Android or iOS device...can work in the rain.

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They have Wi-Fi connectivity and can be set via a smartphone application and tablets (Android and iOS).

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