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EW-38 Specifications

Dim xl
the ew-38 weighs 200 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


Upc n
796762  815470

Editorial Review

In a world of transportation options, the realm of mobility scooters offers up some heavy sitters. The Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 4 is 94 lbs. of 4-wheeled mobility that can heft up to 300 lbs. of passenger. While able to match the Spitfire Scout 4’s weight load, the Tzora Titan 4 comes with its own gravitational pull, weighing a considerable 158.7 lbs. At the super heavy end of the weight range is the motorcycle-ish EV Rider Sportrider, which has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. and weighs a tad over 400 lbs.

Then there's the EW-38 Heavy Duty Scooter, a 3-wheeled behemoth from E-Wheels. With its 500-lb. weight capacity, the EW-38 should appeal to a large number of users as well a number of large users. Its extra carrying capacity is reflected in its 200-lb. curb weight, which makes it less friendly to move it than for it to move you. As it is also considerably more expensive than most basic mobility scooters, it could be seen as an upward mobility scooter, one used for both slower commuting and average-speed recreational activities.

Features on the 2015/2016 EW-38 are generous and include electric magnetic brakes, tubeless tires, LED turn signals, headlight and brake lights, aluminum wheels, and an alarm system. The EW-38 also comes with a heavy-duty rear basket, locking cargo storage under the seat, rear shock absorbers, and a horn -- an always appealing feature for a vehicle that can move upwards of 700 lbs. at a good clip. A 700-watt brushless motor and 48-volt sealed batteries combine to provide this scooter with speeds of up to 15 mph and an astonishing 43 miles of range per charge. A twist throttle provides variable speed control, and there is a battery indicator as well as a smart charger. Available colors are red or silver, and best of all, this unit is shipped fully assembled. Happy riding.

E-Wheels EW-38 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The keyword is 'fast'. I was hoping to be able to use it in stores but the scooter only has two speeds, 'fast" and 'less fast' but 'less fast' is still too fast to control...

Tom's Guide

This scooter has been such a pleasure, it is very dependable and has enabled me to travel to run errands, visit friends... I think it is the best valued scooter on the market.

Tom's Guide

My final criticism is the remote which has the controls separate from the key and the panic button located to be accidentally touched and activated anytime.

Tom's Guide