E-Go Bike Seagull 26-inch

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Seagull 26-inch Specifications

the seagull 26-inch weighs 58 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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642345  420473

Editorial Review

E-Go bikes produces fairly generic, low-cost ebikes, released through a variety of vendors across the internet. While this means weaker than average branding, plain aesthetic, and no eye-popping "hooks" to their products, it does mean that they're able to deliver solid, reliable e-bikes for a lower than average price. The 26 inch E-Go Seagull exemplifies these qualities found in most E-Go bikes - a solid vehicle for less than what the name brands charge.

The 26 inch E-Go Seagull is a hardy mountain bike frame fitted with a relatively powerful motor, available aternatively at 500 and 1000 watts. The twist throttle can get the Seagull up to its top speed of 28 miles per hour with in seconds - no pedaling necessary. This type of power is necessary for powering up the tough parts of the mountain trails - or simply stick it in assisted mode for an extra challenge without the maximal strain of traditional mountain biking. The Seagull also comes with an 18 month warranty on all of the most expensive parts, taking the load off your mind as you tool around on treacherous trails with your (less, but still quite) expensive new toy.

The E-Go Seagull's power and rugged structure make it an ideal "bargain" buy for the more rigorous ebikers and ebikers to be. However, the formidable top speed combined with that price also make it a sensible option for short commutes or other, more casual riding - with the ability to handle rougher stuff always kept on standby. Either way, in a market full of flashy yet expensive options, having a solid choice for a lower price can be very valuable - and that's something the Seagull delivers on.

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So I've now put 500 miles on my bike and I still love it goes up steep hills around 20 mph. I use to go to work 7 miles each way and it's a blast to ride.

Tom's Guide

I weigh 240 lbs, this bad boy gets right up to speed. Wish it was geared higher. Sometimes its going faster than I could pedal. It's great. Powerful!

Tom's Guide