E-Go Bike Seagull 20-inch

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Seagull 20-inch Specifications

the seagull 20-inch weighs 60 pounds


maximum speed


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Editorial Review

The latest trend in motorized transport, electric bicycles, are, while cheaper than most cars, rather expensive machines for most customers interested in them. While some of the deeper-pocketed members of the environmentally conscious may opt for a top tier option like the Haibike Xduro, a budget conscious consumer seeking a cheaper option can look no further than the E-Go Bike's Seagull. Available from a range of retailers for under $1,500 (including, as of this writing, direct from the E-Go site for only $999), the twenty inch Seagull comrpomises slightly on aesthetics and battery to ensure their customers a high value, low cost product.

Fitted with a 350 Watt rear hub motor, the E-Go Seagull boasts a very solid set of specs for its low price. The 36 Volt battery holds enough charge for between 20 and 43 miles, dependent on terrain and the intensity of the usage of the pedal assist. The 4-6 hour charge time is a bit of a nuisance, but for a daily commuter its as easy as letting your phone charge while you sleep - just be sure to start your Seagull with a full charge. While slightly gaudy in some of its brighter color schemes, the Seagull looks decent in its more understated colors - and perhaps you, unlike me, have a flair for the eye-grabbing lime green or construction site orange that it the Seagull most often advertised as.

While electric bikes have taken off across the world, their impact is just starting to be felt in the United States, where archaic city planning has led to a road system not entirely conducive to the bikes's use. This is beginning to change, however - in Santa Monica, the Electric Bike Expo Tour kicked off in early December of 2016, beginning a coats-to-coast journey that plans to make stops at major urban locations along its route - a truly fantastic marketing scheme. Will the culture that produced "Easy Rider" transition away from that classical embodiment of masculinity, the combustion engine? It should. Gas is expensive.

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This bike helps me get up steep hills easily and I don't have to worry about dogs, I can out run them so I feel safer. This is a powerful little bike... Great Value!

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