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360 Eye Specifications

small bottom hand
the 360 eye weighs 5.4 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
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Editorial Review

Dyson presents its 360 Eye robot, which seeks to overcome the failings of its adorably puny rivals. According to Dyson himself, a better robot is one that can view a room and identify all its objects. The 360 Eye sees the entire room at the same time. It knows its own location, where it’s been, and where it’s going thanks to an intelligent camera that takes 30 images per second. This vacuum contains a tiny version of Dyson's Cyclone technology which traps dirt, pollen, and mold into a polycarbonite bin. The Dyson Digital Motor V2 generates 78,000 rpm in suction, and the 360 Eye is the only robovac with continuous, rubberized tank treads for superior traction.

Unlike most robovacs, the Eye 360 provides suction across its entire width, eschewing side sweepers for 2 types of bristles for hard floors and carpets. The Dyson Link app is free on Android and iOS platforms, and lets you control and schedule cleaning sessions. You can also view maps of cleaning progress, automatically download software updates, and access troubleshooting guides. The main concerns are the vacuum's height -- it may not fit under some furniture -- and its extremely high price, which is to be expected for a new, high-tech gadget from a company like Dyson. However, the product website is excellent, complete with exploded schematics, and so far the ratings are highly favorable.

The iconic brand is the Roomba, like the iRobot Roomba 4230. But before it became a sensation, Dyson had already built and demonstrated their first robovac, the DC06, which was a serious-looking unit with 80 sensors, 2 on-board computers, and a big price tag. The first domestic robot was the robovac, which is still the highest selling home bot due to its relative affordability and ease of use. What robovacs lack in extravagance is paid for with the understanding that they work with the same minimal proficiency. However popular they are, they are not that efficient or powerful. Many have room mapping, obstacle detection, touch sensors, or virtual wall beacons. The Neato Botvac 70e has a square leading edge and the RolliTech Rollibot BL618 possesses voice confirmation. Yet none of these features negate the fact that humans can vacuum more quickly and thoroughly.

Dyson 360 Eye | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Smart, efficient and powerful – if it were a little shorter, it would be perfect.

Tom's Guide

For what it's designed to do, the results are impressive. The Dyson 360 Eye is, in short, the best robotic vacuum on the market to date. We're mighty impressed.

Tom's Guide

It's certainly powerful enough and picks up enough dust, and will most likely visit areas that you generally don't clean as thoroughly... Worth every penny.

Tom's Guide

I do not like it! Way too expensive! Do not even look at this to buy, keep your money and get the shark rocket. The best lightest vacuum on the market!

Tom's Guide

Some negatives ... height that prevents it from cleaning under certain types of furniture ... and less expensive robot vacuums on the market that do a nice job.

Tom's Guide