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Surge 12V Specifications

13.8" x 8.1" x 30.1"
maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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087876  801832

Editorial Review

The world of electric scooters is filled with fun options for the both the children and the children at heart. There's speedster three wheelers like the Trikke Pon-E 48V, cross-branded toys like the 24v Monster High scooter, and offerings from longtime kid's scooter favorite Razor.

Dynacraft, the folks behind many branded scooters including the Monster High one listed earlier, add their own line of e-scooters to the mix: the Surge series. The Surge series covers most of the variety of consumer needs filled by electric scooters, from chic city speeders to vehicles more apropos under the feet of a suburban youth.

This twelve volt Surge is styled for the latter consumer. It tops out at an impractical less than ten miles an hour - or rather, impractical for the chic urbanite, very practical for the terrified mothers of Surge-driving children. Reviewers praise the Surge with widespread acclaim -- by most available accounts, the kids love it.

Like most products that show commercial promise, there is a bevy of electric scooter options for all varieties of consumers. Competing against titans with brand name recognition is never easy; however, Dynacraft's reliable products and willingness to partner with 3rd parties with wider reach make them a promising contender in a crowded industry.

Dynacraft Surge 12V | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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My grandson loves it. Unlike his friends who have gas models, his electric one is easy to push when it runs out of juice.

Tom's Guide

They're just not good quality and I'm definitely not remotely satisfied with my purchase. On one of the scooters, the wires keep disconnecting from the controls on the handle.

Tom's Guide