Dynacraft Monster High 24V

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Monster High 24V Specifications

16.3" x 8.3" x 32.3"
the monster high 24v weighs 23.4 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


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Editorial Review

Electric kick scooters combine the fun of a children’s toy with the functionality of a personal transportation device. They provide more power and less strain, and thus they can go longer distances than regular kick scooters under the power of normal kids. They are pricey toys but they offer parents the peace of mind that can only come when the kids are playing outside the house. Dynacraft is one of at least a dozen companies peddling in wheeled goodies for tykes. They've been in business for over 30 years and pride themselves on their partnerships with iconic brands. They are masters of cross-over merchandising, combining the ubiquity of the scooter with the brand recognition of oh-so familiar names. Of course, neither Barbie nor Spiderman are traditionally associated with electric scooters but Dynacraft saw no reason to keep them apart and off the shelves of America's largest retailers.

The Dynacraft Monster High 24V E-Scooter is like the Dynacraft Hot Wheels 24V except that it's clearly promoted to little goth girls ages 8 and up. The graphics on the Hot Wheels include a skull with a Mohawk; the graphics on the Monster High is a skull wearing a pink bow. Black and pink with purple hubcaps comprise the color theme and young goth girls must be rubbing their fingerless gloves together with appropriate excitement.

This 24V, like its Hot Wheels sibling, features a high-torque 100W electric motor with 1 speed, a chain drive system, a twist throttle, and a front hand brake. The scooter runs off a 24-volt battery, which is included, and needs about 12 hours to charge. This should provide up to 2 hours of power or up to 5.4 miles at the maximum speed of 9 mph. The weight capacity is 125 lbs., so Mom and Dad's little monster is on equal footing with their Mr. Hot Wheels. User ratings are also similarly low to marginal.

Dynacraft Monster High 24V | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This thing is the coolest scooter ever! No problems at all. High quality, easy to operate, she loves it. Best toy I've ever got, wish I wasn't too fat to ride it.

Tom's Guide

Unit does not work, charged for 18 hours, and tested unit, never works or goes anywhere. Charger light turns green after a few moments, but unit still does not operate.

Tom's Guide

My daughter age 7 loves this scooter. It's pretty fast, very easy to put together, less then 15 minutes... Overall I'm very pleased!

Tom's Guide

This is the second scooter I've purchased, the first one didn't charge and now the second wheel came off as my daughter was riding. Defective!

Tom's Guide