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AT200 Specifications

21.9" x 16.3" x 25"
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remote control included
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Editorial Review

The DXV AT200 has pretty much the same features that a high-end Toto toilet has, which is a nice range of features but doesn't make it stand out in an increasingly crowded field. The seat opens automatically when it notices you approaching (which might be annoying if you have to walk past the toilet just to get to the sink, but anybody who can afford this toilet probably has a pretty large bathroom to put it in). It uses an extensible cleansing wand that crawls slyly out of the back of the bowl while you're sitting on it, but most add-on toilet seat these days have that function too, for a fraction of the price. However, the cleansing wand has five positions, not just the ones that rival Lotus Hygiene Systems delicately refers to as Rear Wash and Lady Wash, so the DXV offers fairly exact positioning when you decide where you want to be cleaned. You activate the wand using the remote control, which also lets you choose from three water temperatures and six water pressures, so you can both tailor the wash to the weather and how intense a cleaning you think you need.

Once cleaned, you can choose from three different dryer temperatures, and both you and the toilet bowl get deodorized during the process. When you stand up and walk away, the toilet flushes after six seconds, but the lid stays open for a full minute, both letting the bowl air out and giving you a chance to decide whether you're finished using it. (If you're tired of having the toilet make these decisions on its own, you can open and close it with the remote.) Unlike comparable Toto toilets, there's no pre-misting of the bowl and special surface materials to prevent anything from sticking on its downward voyage, but the DXV AT200 is getting a little old, so you may be able to pick up a used or refurbished model at less than the cost of a Toto.

One of those Toto models is the Neorest 600, which has a bowl that repels particles. Rival brands include the boxy-looking Kohler Numi, which would go well in a small, boxy-looking bathroom.

DXV AT200 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Offers...hands-free flushing, automated lid opening and closing and seat heating...offers a choice between a 0.92 gallon flush or a full 1.32 gallon flush.

Tom's Guide

The seat lid of the AT200 toilet opens automatically as you approach it. All cleansing functions are enabled by a sensor as soon as you sit down on the heated seat.

Tom's Guide

The AT200 incorporates a soft night light in the bowl and in the area around the feet, conveniently illuminating the base of the toilet and the inside of the bowl.

Tom's Guide

Has adjustable heating, and when the user gets up, the lid closes and the toilet automatically flushes. There's also a "soft nightlight" around the bowl.

Tom's Guide

Automatically flushes. The nozzles are adjustable from the remote control, and the user can choose their preferences in position, volume and temperature.

Tom's Guide

The remote control toilet features automatic lid, seat, heater, light, flush, bidet, air dryer and cleans itself.

Tom's Guide