Droplet Robotics Sprinkler

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Robotics Sprinkler Specifications

small bottom hand
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the robotics sprinkler weighs 4 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
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Editorial Review

If you're cowering in your basement in fear of the robot uprising that almost certainly lies in the immediate future, you'll want to know that the latest household device that's become smarter than you are is the lawn sprinkler. That's right: the lawn sprinkler. There's probably one just outside that narrow basement window over to your left, waiting to surprise you with an unexpected burst of tap water the moment you get up the courage to leave the house. If you own a device like the Droplet Robotics Sprinkler, that innocent-looking lawn care device is now connected to that vast, mysterious Internet entity known as the Cloud and for all you know it's secretly sharing information with your automated lawnmower and WiFi-enabled vacuum cleaner to determine the precise moment that you'll be most vulnerable to a preemptive strike.

Or maybe it's just dreaming happily about the weather. And soil. And plants. Much like rain, all of that data is up there in the Cloud, and the Droplet has access to region-specific information it can use to calculate the specific needs of your lawn and garden. When it needs help from a lowly human, you can give it instructions via your browser. (Unfortunately, there's no smartphone app available, as there is for the Blossom 12 Zone Smart Watering Controller, and some users find this awkward.) The Droplet can recognize the different watering requirements of different plants, though some users complain that its aim is only so-so and if the thrust of the Droplet's spray should reposition it even slightly, it can miss the mark.

All in all, the Droplet sounds like a noble attempt, but one that may not quite be ready for the robot uprising. If you can pick one up inexpensively, though, it may do a good enough job for the price.

Droplet Robotics Sprinkler | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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As a fan of all things tech, I have to say this is quite the fun little innovation. Set up is a little slow, so you'll have to be patient.

Tom's Guide

Droplet is a great start towards fulfilling the needs of a smart home sprinkler.

Tom's Guide

You'd better have two hose outlets in your garden otherwise you will need a splitter. Droplet can only improve with time - a good start!

Tom's Guide

I love the robotic targeting concept for saving water and the Droplet usually does well at putting water where you want it.

Tom's Guide