Drogen Lobit 300GT

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Lobit 300GT Specifications

small bottom hand
released date


the lobit 300gt weighs 1.5 pounds


video camera included
number of rotors


has usb

Editorial Review

Information behemoth Google has just raised the robobar once again by patenting what is effectively a telepresence drone. It appears that land-based or desktop remote communications had become too restrictive for the world shakers at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California, so someone floated the idea of flying Remote Presence Devices and it appears to have taken off. Like gravitationally impaired telepresence robots, they will have cameras as well as screens, and they will use smartphones for connectivity. In addition, the telepresence drone will be able to project images, which are reputed to hold holographic qualities to really sell it. This should make otherwise boring corporate meetings very compelling, with Remote Presence Buzz-saws droning away above attendees, just waiting for their opportunity to cut in with some incisive tips.

Google has characterized the drones they will employ as quadcopters, which in the most potent configurations are good for about a half-hour. Of course, corporate one-ups-man-ship will necessarily occur, and someone will show up with a hexcopter like the Yuneec Typhoon H to throw off the whole dynamic. Management, appalled at such flagrant grandstanding, will perhaps counter with an obstacle-avoiding, self-positioning DJI Phantom 4 and then people will actually look forward to going to meetings again. Or, for the first time.

Unlike its direct sibling, the Y-shaped Drogen Lobit 320R, the 300GT is a quadcopter, constructed with the same type of black carbon frame and white plastic canopy. As with the 320R, it comes with no transmitter or battery, which drone racers traditionally appreciate having. For smoothness of flight it incorporates an accelerometer, a 3-axis magnetometer, a gyroscope, and a barometric pressure sensor. The on-board camera is the same for both, a 1.3 CMOS 700TVL, though the 300GT has a place on which to Velcro a GoPro. Its built-in camera contains a microphone for enjoying the dulcet sounds one would imagine coming from within a blender on puree.

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Made of carbon frames, making it highly durable. It is equipped with a highly efficient BLDC motor that the company developed.

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