Drive Medical Spitfire 1320 EX

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Spitfire 1320 EX Specifications

Dim xl
the spitfire 1320 ex weighs 105 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


Upc n
822383  283388

Editorial Review

Just as there is no shortage of physically challenged persons, there is also no shortage of means for them to overcome such challenges. Traditionally, the physically restricted relied upon the robust and hearty to schlep them around. In the interest of remaining robust and hearty, much of the heavy lifting is presently provided by machines. Mobility scooters furnish a safe and user-friendly way for people with limitations to move around the home, go shopping and visiting, and even to travel. Some are peppy and stylish while others are stripped-down and basic. However, it seems that they can be divided into two camps -- 3 wheels or 4.

Drive Medical, like most mobility companies, offers both. Drive absorbed DeVilbiss Healthcare to become Drive DeVilbiss in 2015, but it still maintains their recognizable line of powered scooters. Even if Drive's scooters weren't so highly rated, they should get high marks for their names -- Drive Medical Bobcat x3 evokes something lithe and rugged. The Drive Medical Phoenix 3 sounds as if rebirth is just around the corner while the Spitfire 1320 EX calls to mind verve and vivacity. Or at least some impertinence.

The Spitfire is a compact travel scooter that weighs between 99 and 105 lbs., depending on the battery, making it a bit lighter than the Phoenix and Bobcat. It can carry up to 300 lbs. and has a maximum range of 9 miles or 15 miles if used with the 21-AH battery. Its top speed is 5 mph, which is slightly faster than the other two scooters. The ground clearance of the 1320 EX is less than that of the Phoenix at 3 inches. The Spitfire also has a 3-inch wider turning radius. And it wouldn't be much of a Drive scooter if it didn't have the usual features -- padded, adjustable armrests, quick-connect batteries which are charged off-board, height-adjustable swivel seat with fold-down backrest, flat-free, non-marking tires, anti-tip wheels, and adjustable tiller. This model possesses armrest-mounted reflectors, a generous front basket with removable liner, and interchangeable color panels in red, blue, and silver.

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Everything worked just like we were told. Customer service people were helpful in picking the scooter we needed for what we wanted to do...

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I'm really glad I got this one. Works great outside and inside both.

Tom's Guide

I have had other scooters, but this one takes the cake! It's comfortable, easy to maneuver, fast, and with terrific range. If I could give it ten stars, I would!

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