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Double 2 Specifications

5" x 10" x 49"
released date


the double 2 weighs 14 pounds


video camera included
phone controllable
battery life


has wifi
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Editorial Review

For those people who can't be at the office in person, the Double 2 from Double Robotics combines a rolling robot base with a tall rod that can carry an iPad on top, allowing you to make what amounts to a mobile Skype call as you travel from office to meeting to office, enjoying quality time with your employees and/or employers. The Double 2, successor to Double Robotics' earlier Double, isn't exactly a holographic projection, but it reminds people that you're there and keeps them on their toes. Or reminds them that you're on yours.

Why would you need this? Let's assume you work for a company that's decided it's a little too expensive to hire people who live in the same high-wage first-world country as the home office (never mind how many potential employees from that first-world country are out of work and need jobs), and you instead outsource customer support or parts assembly to a country in another hemisphere where the standard of living is lower and wages can be paid out of petty cash. Alternatively, maybe your company has branches in other states, or perhaps circumstances force you to work at home when you really need to be in the office.

Given that nobody's invented teleportation or realistic holographic projections yet, a lot of companies are turning to telepresence robots. Yes, they look a little silly, but sometimes the modern workplace requires technology that hasn't quite been perfected yet. And not all Doubles are purchased by large companies. An article in The Verge notes that a school has been using the Double robots to let ill and disabled students attend classes. So it's not just a way to avoid paying those outrageous first-world salaries. It's also helping the next generation of workers overcome obstacles that could have prevented them from joining the workforce.

Alternatives to the Double 2 are plentiful and include the Suitable Technologies Beam+, among others.

Double Robotics Double 2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Can roam over minimal obstructions such as ground cords...camera is also able to take photos in 5-megapixel high-definition, dynamic resolution.

Tom's Guide

Can glide along almost twice as fast as the old telepresence robot...Double 2 is capable of the “walk and talk."

Tom's Guide

Has a wide angle lens that increases the field of view to 150 degrees...allows it to offer the user a view of the person they are talking with and the floor in front of them.

Tom's Guide

The robot is light at only 15 lbs., and it uses an iPad for a screen that can be lowered or raised for eye-level interactions.

Tom's Guide