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the itank weighs 218 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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609408  047794

Editorial Review

The Doohan iTank defies categorization: a ruggedly futuristic e-trike, the iTank is faster, quicker, more balanced, and has a longer range than most every "traditional" ebike out there today. Launched via a Kickstarter campaign organized by a Mr. Kartik Ram (the same engineering mind behind the recently launched Zeitgeist electric bike), the iTank proposes to fundamentally reshape our conception of alternative, personal electric vehicles - though, realistically, it will only do such reshaping (at present at least) for those willing and able to afford the iTank's eye-popping price tag.

The e-trike market has some interesting, if rather whimsical competitors that the iTank is not really competing with so much as upstaging. And while the price may be rather high for the ebike industry, for the non-toy e-trike industry, it's actually quite low: the Piaggo MP3 sport rolls in at just under $10k, and Harley-Davidson's much more powerful three-wheeler debuts at $25k - though, one might argue, an e-trike with a top speed of 28 mph isn't exactly Harley competition. With that being said, the iTank does get up to that top speed in a mere 4.6 seconds - so maybe the iTank will make an appearance in your gearhead uncle's workshop sooner than you think.

Sharper handling, higher speeds, and better range than two wheelers in its very first model - all factors that bode very well for the Doohan iTank going forward, as the engineers behind it continue to iterate with design and production. Inventor Kartik Ram told Techcrunch that he was "totally committed to this architecture for the next ten years" - a thought that, while it may be very bold in its conception, figures well for those eyeing this promising new category of electric personal vehicle.

Doohan iTank | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Bosch motor goes from 0-28 mph in 4.6 seconds...Removable lithium-ion batteries fully charge in 6 hours...Range of 62 miles.

Tom's Guide

Fast, balanced and insanely fun! Advanced engine management reduces the iTank’s battery consumption while boosting performance to sports car levels.

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A three-wheeled setup to offer a more stable, silent ride through traffic...The whole system is water and dust proof, so it'll also be able to run on gravel.

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Has side-deflecting dual front wheels that let the bike tilt, gripping road surfaces on tight turns without toppling over or causing its rider to lose control.

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