DJI Phantom 4

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Phantom 4 Specifications

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the phantom 4 weighs 3 pounds


maximum flight time

28 min

video camera included
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Editorial Review

The Phantom 4 offers much by way of camera systems, utilizing 5 of them with an on-board processor to assess flight situations and affect mechanical corrections as necessary. This is remarkable technology, dancing dangerously close to artificial intelligence, and in a consumer product that flies autonomously, is all but breathtaking in its scope. The Phantom 4 has optical sensors -- 2 facing forward and 2 facing downward -- which gives it stereoscopic or 3D vision. That stereo-vision is used to produce effective obstacle avoidance, offering a 60-degree forward field of view. If the quad, which can zoom about at 45 mph, detects an obstruction in its path, it will fly up to it and hover without all the heartbreaking crunching that often accompanies such activities.

Another fascinating feature is subject tracking mode. The processor creates an optical map of the designated subject. The UAV will follow the subject at a steady rate, speeding up or slowing down, depending upon the subject’s movements. The Phantom 4 offers smooth and stable 25-minute flights on an hour charge. The 4k gimballed camera provides lush and steady footage and will shoot 120 fps at 1080p. The controller is sleek and uncluttered with an adjustable mount for Smartphone or Tablet, a very sharp unit.

In 2013 China’s consumer UAV giant, DJI, released the first Phantom. It was the quad-copter that would set the standard for the multitude of FPV drones to follow, within and without DJI. While the Phantom design became the jump-off point of 100 clones, DJI knew a good thing when they manufactured it and launched all manner of Phantoms within their expanding line. Through that line grew their learning curve, each new version straightening out the miscalculations of the earlier quads. As the delivery system to shoot for, the primary demand is then placed upon the camera.

DJI and its imitators, like the Yuneec Q500 4K or the Walkera Voyager 3, have embraced the light of 4k. And while the temptation for proprietary image capture systems is appealing, these manufacturers have all had to bow to the accommodation of the Heroic GoPro. The battle for King Camera benefits the consumer as digital cameras continue to evolve to amazing capacities.

DJI Phantom 4 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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To sum it up, I would have to say that this is an amazing piece of hardware that you could spend hours learning to fully use... Amazing, worth every single penny!

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I have the phantom 4 for almost a week now and it is way better than any phantom 3 by far! I would definitely get this over the Phantom 3 pro, it's worth the extra $400.

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The design of the Phantom 4 (P4) is much sleeker than previous models. The gimbal assembly is neater and appears to be stronger. DJI's best, sexiest Phantom!

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Yep, it's not cheap, but DJI has made one of the smartest drones available with the Phantom 4.

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It is more expensive than last year’s model, but the autonomous modes make it the clear choice for anyone looking to make their first flight as a drone pilot.

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With the Phantom 4, DJI is pulling farther ahead of the competition. It's the first to market with serious autonomous features, and the implementation works really well.

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Flying the Phantom 4 is stupendously good fun. The power, speed, maneuverability and stability are all truly excellent, video quality from the 4K camera is superb...

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The Phantom 4 is unquestionably DJI’s best drone yet. It shoots decent quality 4K video and is easier to control than ever before.

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The Phantom 4 improves on its predecessor in many ways. It's the best consumer drone on the market, and it's priced accordingly.

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Even though in some ways it's an evolutionary change, there's enough new technology and there are sufficient styling and build upgrades to make it into exciting new model.

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