DJI Mavic Pro

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Mavic Pro Specifications

7.8" x 3.3" x 3.3"
maximum flight time

27 min

maximum speed


video camera included
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remote control included
has wifi
has usb
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Editorial Review

A fairly sizable departure from DJI's signature Phantom model, the Mavic Pro combines a lightweight, more aerodynamic form factor with range and battery life specs that depart very little from the Mavic's larger cousins. For new drones that attracted considerable attention in 2016, the Mavic Pro compares favorably across the board — with a reasonable price, fantastic set of specs, excellent software, and quality camera and streaming quality.

The incredibly lightweight Mavic Pro stores incredible flight capability within its compact frame, boasting a 25 minute flight time, a top speed of 40 miles per hour, and an incredible stated maximum flight distance of eight miles. The 3-axis gimbal camera boasts 4K resolution capability, with a maximum photo resolution of a stunningly clear 12.3 megapixels. The software and sensors grant the Mavic Pro obstacle avoidance, ground awareness, "follow-me" capability, and various cinematic modes. There's even an indoor mode, for those hard-to-shoot scenes in tight places. DJI calls the Mavic Pro a drone for "wherever you go" — and between its impressive feature set and compact design, it proudly bears that claim with truth.

As a hobby, a diversion, or as a tool, drone flight has proved extremely versatile in how it can improve human life (the various less positive uses they present notwithstanding). The simple joy of taking flight and having a live video feed of where you're actually flying speaks for itself, and by itself would justify the mass production of the unmanned aircrafts. From Hollywood movies, to first-person drone racing, to ecological studies, drones have also transformed the professional world as we know it — and the confluence of these factors ensures that these flying cameras will continue to populate the sky for years to come.

DJI Mavic Pro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It is amazingly small and portable. It flies great right out of the box. Video quality is very clear and stable even in fairly strong breeze. Like a futuristic transformer!

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Too pricey! Yuneec Breeze is just as portable and the control panel is an app on your cell phone or tablet. This will not "fly" at this price point.

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DJI's most portable drone yet packs in all the advanced features we'd expect, plus a few new ones to make quadcopters more accessible than ever before.

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The Mavic is expensive, sure, but when it’s maneuverable enough for racing, takes professional quality photos and videos, and is simple enough to fly ...

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The Mavic may seem expensive, but the fact that it has even better tech inside it than the Phantom 4 means it’s actually very good value.

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With a sharp, stabilized, distortion-free 4K video camera, the $999 DJI Mavic Pro is much more capable than you'd expect given its size. It's an excellent choice for pilots...

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