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the boxy stackable weighs 6 pounds


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Boxy Stackable is a humorous name, like Boaty McBoatface, except that it's a watch winder, not a boat. It refers to the fact that the cubical boxes are designed to be stacked together into various shapes, like Legos, so you can buy several and make them into a pyramid or a small house, with watches in every window. Amazon will sell you eight in one package, so obviously you're not supposed to buy just one. This stackability is a convenience for people (or store owners) with watch collections that don't divide evenly into the one, two, three, four, six, and 16-sized watch winders currently on the market -- or who might want to add more winders as they add more watches to their collection (though the promotional copy doesn't make it clear if this is possible). They'd also make great building blocks for kids, at least if the kids can be trusted not to knock the boxes over while pretending that they were attacked by a make-believe tornado.

Each Boxy McBoxface -- er, Boxy Stackable -- can turn the stem of a single watch 672, 960 or 1248 times per day. (How they arrived at those precise numbers is unknown, but no doubt has to do with arcane mechanical calculations not comprehensible to a human without an engineering degree.) Surprisingly, the entire stack can run off a single AC adapter, with the electric current apparently running through the boxes themselves in a way that the manufacturer assures us is 100 percent safe. (A good guess is that it's some sort of inductive charging system like the one in your electric toothbrush holder -- and you've never been electrocuted by your electric toothbrush holder, right?) In the Octuple package, one of the boxes receives the charge and passes it on to the other seven.

This is a clever way of keeping your watches running, but if you want to stick with an old-fashioned system that uses a single box, the Wolf Roadster will wind six watches, and the Volta Signature Series will wind an astonishing 16.

Diplomat Boxy Stackable | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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System does not work for watches that are larger than 40 and the cover does not fit.

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It works well.

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