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Aroma-Infinity Specifications

5" x 2.5" x 5.5"
the aroma-infinity weighs 1.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Diffuser World Aroma-Infinity doesn't have the designer accessory look of most automated oil diffusers. It looks more like a pair of large canisters joined together at the hip, but in an elegant high-tech way that would make it look better next to your Amazon Echo than sitting on a lamp table. It also doesn't work like most oil diffusers. Instead of adding a few drops of essential oil into a container, you actually place an entire 15 milliliter bottle of essential oil inside one of the canisters, where it's gradually released. The Aroma-Infinity uses "Advanced Cold Diffusion Technology," but the manufacturer is cagey about saying exactly what this is. According to Diffuser World, this technique breaks the oil down to the "molecular level," making it "bio-available." (Do you actually absorb it through your pores?) Most cold diffusion is done with ultrasound, but it's not clear that ultrasound is what's working here. The company implies that their system resembles others that use compressed air to squeeze fluids into individual molecules, but that's about as much as they're saying.

The Aroma-Infinity is also expensive, at least if bought new. The fact that it can cover an impressive 800 square feet with aroma while most diffusers work on smaller scales may account for some of this. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery may be part of the cost too. However, the battery can only handle six hours of use between rechargings (or 12 on the intermittent setting). If you want a longer dose of aromatic bliss, leave it plugged in instead of using the battery. With an entire bottle of oil inside, it should run for a long time. Diffuser World recommends cleaning the unit out with rubbing alcohol once a month (though NOT, they carefully emphasize, with hydrogen peroxide).

The Aroma-Infinity seems to have sufficient advanced features to justify its hefty price tag. If you'd rather buy something less advanced but lower on the price scale you'd be better off looking at systems like the Homedics Ellia Thrive, the Welledia Wellspring or the extremely cheap InnoGear 500mL Cool Mist, all of which will spread pleasant odors through your interior atmosphere for a fraction of the cost.

Diffuser World Aroma-Infinity | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I love this little diffuser! I get plenty of fragrance, and the oil lasts longer than I expected. It is small and easy to move from room to room as needed...

Tom's Guide

Perfect for what I wanted. Portability around the house, ease of switching aromas and cute too. Love it! Absolutely perfect so far.

Tom's Guide