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DW-X4 Specifications

0.7" x 0.7" x 7"
the dw-x4 weighs 0.1 pounds


has usb
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Editorial Review

Dewang advertises their DW-X4 3D printing pen as operating at "advanced low temperature[s]," which if true would make it an amazing addition to the overcrowded universe of 3D printing pens. It's hard to believe that a three-dimensional scribbler could extrude soft plastic at temps as low as 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), but they imply that the product is suitable for babies, which isn't an advertising claim that a company should make lightly. The vast majority of 3D printing pens, possibly every 3D printing pen except this one and the 3Doodler Start, melt plastic at temperatures more suitable for putting your baby in the emergency room if they touch the tip. But if their promotional material says this, it must be true, right? (To be fair, they say that the pen will make your baby's world "much more colorful," so maybe they expect some more mature air sculptor to do the actual operating.)

The Dewang pen extrudes PCL (short for polycaprolactone) plastic filaments, which is unusual in an industry that almost exclusively uses ABS and PLA 3D printer filaments. PCL filaments melt at a lower temperature than those others do, though according to Wikipedia that melting point is 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit), which isn't hot enough to burn paper (Ray Bradbury famously noted that paper burns at Fahrenheit 451) but hot enough to be at the very least uncomfortable if you touch it. That would certainly seem to undercut Dewang's claim that the pen works at 10 Celsius, but maybe not their assertion that it's safe around babies, who would only cry very loudly if they touched it but wouldn't need a trip to the ER.

Otherwise, the DW-X4 does what other 3D pens do: Allows you to lift the tip away from a solid surface and draw in mid-air. It only comes with one coil of PCL filament, though, so you might make sure that your local stores stock more. (Refills are available fairly cheaply on Amazon if they don't.) If you'd prefer something that works with the more common ABS and PLA filaments, which you may already own for your 3D printer, look at the Joyluxy Intelligent SL-300 or the Scribbler 3D Pen V2.

Dewang DW-X4 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Overall, this 3D printing pen performed as I would have hoped. On the whole it definitely delivered on what it promises, which is a good time and easy extrusion.

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