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Delta Go Specifications

8.5" x 8.5" x 15.9"
the delta go weighs 8 pounds


has usb
Upc n
713145  808072
build volume
4.5" x 4.5" x 5"

Editorial Review

Delraprintr has been making delta printers since 2013, and 2016's Delta Go is a step in the direction the company seems to be building in: an inexpensive printer mostly ready to print out of the box, aimed at learners both in the classroom and out of it. While providing neither the assembly experience of the [delta kits]https://botdb.net/p/kossel-mini) nor the scale of a beast like the Tevo Little Monster, the Delta Go might be one of the closest attempts available at making the notoriously finicky delta printers accessible to less experienced audiences.

In terms of raw specifications, the Delta Go is basically average in all respects. The build area is somewhat unspectacular, and the maximum resolution of 100 microns is about as average as it gets these days—the price is the most eye-catching number associated with this machine, by far. The ring of LEDs is a nice design touch, giving night-printing a cool aesthetic, and the all-metal hotend extruder allows for a fair degree of versatility of printable materials. While many users caution against getting a delta printer for your first machine (they require frequent fine-tuning, and calibrating them is quite a bit harder than it is with Cartesian machines), this is an excellent buy for your second or third go round or to tackle with a group of learners.

So what, beyond the obvious, are the major differences between delta and Cartesian FDM and FFM 3D printers? Whereas Cartesians are less hassle to get and keep running, easier to mod with different extruders, and are often more stable, deltas are faster, good-looking, and actually fairly easy to put together. It's their sensitivity to frame distortion that makes them so temperamental, but if you have more patience than the average individual, that suffering just may be worth it.

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Great printer for the price. The Delta Go’s auto-leveling feature is definitely a time saver. Definitely considering getting another one! Great product!

Tom's Guide

So far the printer is performing great. Watching the printer do its magic is quite mesmerizing as it’s different from the other box shaped ones. Awesome printer!

Tom's Guide