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Editorial Review

The De'Longhi Prima Donna is one of several coffee machines and espresso makers helping coffee lovers the world over get their morning (and afternoon, and evening) java fix. Coffee is serious business for many of its consumers, and De'Longhi knows their coffee — as they say themselves, "(w)e are Italian, so when it comes to producing coffee-making machines, we have the know-how that makes us stand out at a world level." Sounds like a well reasoned conclusion.

De'Longhi backs up their big talk with their Prima Donna espresso machine. A high-end and fairly expensive machine, the Prima Donna comes equipped with all of the features one could desire from a true home barista. The machine can produce a fairly wide range of coffees, with variability offered for both size and strength of the cup. The built-in bean grinder provides the capacity for maximum freshness in your brewed grounds, and the removable milk caddy allows for all manner of steamed milk beverages to be made from the comfort of your own home. The auto-rinse and de-scale features help with post-brew cleanup, and an internal bin serves as an easy disposal system for the used grounds. The speed at which your beverage can be ready is also impressive, with one reviewer claiming it took just 37 seconds for their coffee to be prepared just how they like it.

There are many high priced options for home coffee production, but the Prima Donna makes a convincing case for itself on the basis of features-per-dollar. But in case the technology doesn't sell itself, De'Longhi has proven themselves more than willing to shamelessly flex their ethnic credentials to enhance their brand. And for the quality of machines that they do produce, this writer says more power to them.

DeLonghi Prima Donna | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Using the DeLonghi PrimaDonna S is relatively easy, it only takes one touch to operate the machine.The machine grinds the beans, so there's no need for an additional grinder.

Tom's Guide

Great machine. You just need to do a clean on milk frother before using it, as it will heat up milk to a hotter temperature when making a cappuccino.

Tom's Guide

The machine will produce exactly the kind of drink you wish to make, based on the settings you input. Even a simple cup of coffee will achieve the maximum quality of flavor.

Tom's Guide