Dbpower X101C

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X101C Specifications

released date


the x101c weighs 3.9 pounds


maximum flight time

10 min

number of rotors


operating range in feet


remote control included
has wifi

Editorial Review

Where a glut of similar products with common attributes exists, the preeminence of choice becomes its burden. How to decide? It is in such circumstances the reviewer is spawned. The consumer UAV market has become such a glut. More than 70 producers jockey for the same airspace and they tend to swarm around drone-daddy, DJI. This is quite evident in not only functional attributes but especially in physical design.

The DB Power X101C – Hawkeye – owes much to the DJI Phantom. As far as appearance goes, it could be the Phantom’s younger brother, with a mohawk and an attitude. Compared to Phantom, X101C is a cheap date.

Because this is an FPV flier, it comes with a fixed mount and a camera which can be swapped with an even better one for improved capture should the desire exist. The X101C has impressive lifting power and can heft a decent sized camera, though this is not the drone you want for pro work. More the one you go to school on as it possesses many of the same features as the top tier with virtually none of the expense. While in class, blade guards are provided and are mountable with blades in place. As the X101C is a bit heavy, especially with a camera mounted to it, it tends to be sluggish in response time and prone to gravitational impediment. The blade guards and drone itself are sturdy and thus will save the new owner from purchasing additional propellers.

The 720-p camera FPV feed is very responsive, close to real-time, and it comes with a 2-gig micro SD card for storage. The video feed is strong within transmitter range, reportedly close to 500 feet, but does tend to get a little choppy on the move. It has a respectable controller with a Smartphone mount for FPV flight and an LCD screen for systems checks and functions. It even does tricks like the 360-degree Eversion barrel roll, no doubt taunting the so-serious Phantom.

Dbpower X101C | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Worst instructions I've ever seen. I'd rather put together IKEA furniture. Camera app is mostly in Chinese. You get what you pay for.

Tom's Guide

They are both great fun in different ways, everyone loves to watch it in action. The price is about right for the quality of both copters and cameras.

Tom's Guide

Outstanding!!! The camera works extremely well and the photos and video are great quality.

Tom's Guide

I'm very unhappy with this purchase. The drone has a mind of its own even though this flight took place in an open field away from any possible interference and houses etc.

Tom's Guide

A drone of very good quality with many functions, excellent HD camera. Very satisfied with this drone that I have chosen to use for sunny weather and no wind.

Tom's Guide