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Editorial Review

To explain what the Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush does, it may first be necessary to explain what a sonic toothbrush is. The term, impressive as it may sound, simply refers to an electric toothbrush that vibrates rapidly enough to produce audible noise. The Dazzlepro moves back and forth at 31,000 strokes per minute, which is enough to produce a buzz, but the buzz doesn't really clean your teeth. What cleans your teeth are those 31,000 strokes. The Dazzlepro runs on batteries or plugs into a wall socket, and has a charging station to keep the battery from going dead, though it will hold a charge on its own for about two weeks if you don't want to take the charger with you on a trip. Note, though, that the charger also contains a UV sanitizer to zap bacteria before it can multiply into something more disgusting than the dental plaque it crawled out of, so you might want to use it for more than just keeping the batteries alive.

Sonic toothbrushes have been surpassed in recent years by ultrasonic toothbrushes, which actually do use sound waves as a supplement to the brush strokes in cleaning teeth. The ultrasonics have the advantage of working below the gums, where brushes dare not go, at least not without the aid of a periodontist. If you'd like to go that route you may want to look at the Smilex, from the company that invented the ultrasonic technology back in the 90s, but a new one will cost you about twice what a good sonic toothbrush will.

If you want to stick in the audible part of the sound spectrum, the Dazzlepro is a solid choice and gets good ratings from users. It also has lots of competition from better known companies like Sonicare, though.

Dazzlepro Advanced | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The slimmer brush head is more comfortable to clean around my back teeth and molars...softer bristles with the pulsating action, are gentler and provide a better massage.

Tom's Guide

Got different speeds, has a nice soft head...I like the UV sterilizing unit as well. The battery life is about a week...My gums and teeth feel great!

Tom's Guide

Brushing action is good but the construction and design is lacking. It should have a separate button for power and functions.

Tom's Guide

This tooth brush has three different speeds...My dentist always comments on how great and clean my teeth I will never ever use another tooth brush again.

Tom's Guide