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Boomer Beast Specifications

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the boomer beast weighs 251.3 pounds


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Editorial Review

The problem with mobility scooters, besides needing one in the first place, is that they're boring. When someone pictures this type of scooter, especially for a family member, they likely don't imagine the EV Rider Sportrider or E-Wheels EW-38, both of which look like motorcycles, with the SportRider using actual motorcycle parts. Instead, they might think of any of the vehicles offered by Pride Mobility or Drive -- safe, simple, and recognizable as a mobility aid.

The Daymak Boomer Beast in both name and appearance does not appear as any of these things. In fact, it is what folks can purchase once their Daymak Photon throws them off, though the Beast itself is marketed to middle-age, hypermasculine men. In keeping with the solar-charging trait of the Photon, the Baby Boomer Beast battery is trickle-charged via solar panel and needs about 6 hours to recharge. This all-terrain, AWD vehicle sports a wide 19-inch front tire and wider 21-inch rear tires. It runs on a 1000-watt rear motor, which provides a range of up to 15.5 miles, a top on-road speed of 9.3 mph and an off-road speed of 24.8 mph. It can climb up to a maximum angle of 15 degrees.

The seat of the Boomer Beast looks like a very comfortable office chair, and the headlight is a regular 12-volt bulb. The Daymak Drive controller allows customization through Daymak's app, and the vehicle comes with 2 USB charging ports. The total weight of the Boomer Beast is 252 lbs., and its capacity tops out at 350 lbs. There are 2 versions of the Beast available -- Deluxe and Ultimate -- as well as options for this model including programmable LEDs and an ATV rack. Daymak claims that this is the first true on/off-road mobility scooter, but if you're on a fixed income or a bit timid, then this may not be the e-scooter you're looking for.

Daymak Boomer Beast | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Features a built-in 12-watt solar panel that helps trickle-charge the vehicle's 2,580-Wh Panasonic lithium battery when parked.

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