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the power plus weighs 58 pounds


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Editorial Review

Bicycles, including the electric kind, have been in America since the 1890s. One of the first times bicycles were outfitted for off-roading could've been for a Buffalo Soldiers' expedition in 1896. From then until the 1960s, off-road cycling entailed cyclo-cross as a way to stay in shape through the winter. It was during the 60s that the term "mountain bicycle" was first coined, at least according to the man who coined it. As far as mountain biking as a sport or pastime goes, many groups make the claim that they came up with it, but in any case, actual mountain bikes didn't get made until the 1970s.

Of course, there are still mountain bikes today as the activity keeps growing, and many of them are electric. The hard-tailed Pedego Ridge Rider is just one example. It comes with bottle cage bosses and can travel between 20 and 35 miles. The Rad Power Bikes Radmini is a good hauler with its detachable front and rear cargo racks, but make no mistake, it is definitely meant for rougher terrain. Its fat knobby tires can handle urban as well as sandy and snowy surfaces for distances of 20 to 40 miles. The Cyclamatic Power Plus is also for outdoorsy trailblazing with the features to prove it.

The Power Plus comes from the folks who brought forth the Cyclamatic Pro Dual Suspension Foldaway, an e-bike that can handle its share of hills and be easily stored too. The Power Plus possesses a 17-inch frame and a height-adjustable seat. It sits on 26-inch wheels and Samson Champion tires, and is powered by a fully sealed, quick-release li-ion battery that provides up to 27 miles of range. Additional perks include 7-speed Shimano Tourney SIS-Index gears, a quick-release front wheel, fore and aft mud guards, bell, reflectors, and water bottle. This bicycle is no lightweight at 60 lbs. However, its maximum weight capacity for electric mode is 310 lbs. whereas it's 330 lbs. in assist mode. It has a top speed of 15 mph. Recommended for riders of at least 14-years old, it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to charge, and the charger is included.

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Easy to ride, I have always been a keen cyclist, but as I am now 75 it allows me to still get out and ride as normal but the motor is there when i need it. I love it.

Tom's Guide

The bike arrived in good condition, assembly was easy. Bike looks very good. Aluminum frame is well made, rims are samson champion 6061t6 alum with stainless steel spokes.

Tom's Guide

Bought this bike for my daughter and she really loves it.

Tom's Guide