Currie Technologies eZip E4.5

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eZip E4.5 Specifications

Dim xl
the ezip e4.5 weighs 49 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


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694027  315126

Editorial Review

The 21st century sidewalk no longer represents the safe travel haven for the pedestrian. With the explosion of micro technology and the introduction of small but potent electric motors and vastly improved storage, traditionally human-powered activities have become electrified. Sidewalks now teem with pedestrians jockeying for pole position with bio-powered skateboards and bikes as well as e-bikes, e-scooters, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs for those who were unable to dodge all the rest. This difficulty is complicated by the fact that in most places, e-scooters in particular aren’t really legal. Not that they’re contraband or anything nefarious, just that beyond being extremely dangerous, they are not legal for use in the street.

Which then places these PTVs on the sidewalk. Some of them are fairly hefty and move with a purpose, like the 18-mph Top Mobility Challenger X Deluxe. Others look very unconventional, like the standing tricycle for adultish types, the Trikke Pon-e 48v, which will whip one around at 16 mph. Slightly slower, more conventional e-scooters that can be folded up and schlepped away are growing in popularity among young commuters. The Glion Slalom will carry over 250 lbs. of rider over 15 miles at up to 15 mph.

Currie Technologies offers the eZip E4.5 to the younger e-scooter crowd. But not too young -- over 12 but definitely under 14 from the looks of it. Currie Technologies themselves recommend against children under 12 using their product, and that seems like advice well heeded. The eZip E4.5 is chain-driven and reviews suggest that it is also chain deficient, at least as far as attachment goes. It travels 5 miles per battery charge at up to 12 mph, based upon terrain, rider weight and assistance. Powered by a 300-watt engine, it has alloy wheels with Fat 10” tires and a front, linear-pull brake system.

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For a lighter child this unit should work well zipping them around in a solidly constructed quality unit. Not powerful enough for an adult to use.

Tom's Guide

My son loves his electric scooter... My wife used it too. No problem to set it up, it was easy to build... not a problem at all until now. Thanks.

Tom's Guide

We got this for our grandson and he loves it! He has always been a bit of a dare devil so although this is made for an older child, it is just fine for him.

Tom's Guide

This is a wonderful thing. I love it so much. The shipping is fast and the was good. Thank you very much and have a good day.

Tom's Guide

This was a great for my son christmas gift. It was very easy put together and I would recommend get this product. The price is reasonable compare retail price.

Tom's Guide