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750 eZip Specifications

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the 750 ezip weighs 60 pounds


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Editorial Review

Electric scooters are popular among young urban commuters because, in addition to being inexpensive and eco-friendly, they are safer than bicycling in traffic. However, given the speed some of them can travel, it becomes a question of how safe the sidewalks are for the pedestrians who have to compete with them for space. The Uberscoot 800W Citi might be one of the few street legal e-scooters, and that's only in the UK where they do things differently. For now, there are no hard statistics for e-scooter versus pedestrian collisions. But it's easy to envision a future where this scenario plays out more frequently as e-scooters become more abundantly affordable and pedestrians more sluggish and easy to hit.

Like the Uberscoot Citi, the 750 eZip from Currie Technologies is a standing/sitting scooter though it's not as fast with its top speed of 15 mph. At about 60 lbs., it's also not as heavy but it still packs a punch. In contrast, the standing-only Glion Dolly weighs about 26 lbs. The 750 eZip is foldable, as are its handlebars, and the seat is removable. It possesses shock absorbing front suspension and a front linear pull brake system. It is comprised of a high-tension steel frame, a non-slip ABS resin deck, and 12.5-inch non-puncture tires. The Currie Electro-Drive system provides 750 watts of power, enabling the scooter to go up to 15 miles on a single charge, which is 3 miles less than the very lightweight E-twow Booster.

The 750 eZip is rated for people 13 years and older, and has a weight capacity of 260 lbs. for those with big 13-year olds. A 24-volt/12-ampere/hour plug-and-play rechargeable battery pack powers the unit, which is charged with a Currie Smart battery charger. The 750 requires 8 to 10 hours of charging time, and can be ridden in any normal bicycle/scooter-riding conditions. While Amazon users rate this vehicle fairly favorably, there is no mention of it on the Currie Technologies website, which focuses instead on electric bikes, although the internet does have a Currie Tech user's manual in pdf.

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Love it! Both adults & kids can ride it! Does great on flat roads with adults, but can take some good hills with kids.

Tom's Guide

I am very happy with mine! I even use it to go grocery shopping and have added a tote to the back for carrying items... I would highly recommend the ezip 750!

Tom's Guide

Does the job, gets me where I need to go. No problems and keeps the charge for a long time.

Tom's Guide

Great scooter. My 11 yr old son has had the ezip 300 for almost 3 years. He out grew it and absolutely loves his new ezip 750.

Tom's Guide