CreatBot DM Series

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DM Series Specifications

14.6" x 16.5" x 20.9"
released date


the dm series weighs 55.1 pounds


has usb
Upc n
606080  238600
build volume
9.8" x 9.8" x 11.8"

Editorial Review

Creatbot's DM Series printers are equipped with a number of features to ensure that your print is never ruined in the event of untimely interruptions, such as a power outage or running out of filament mid-print. These features were facilitated by Creatbot's home designed extruder, a "low heat, intelligent extruder" with an "accurate wire-feeder (capable of) forward and backward motion." The large, sturdy Creatbot retails at a rather expensive price point. The size, price, and features all suggest a printer aimed at the rising class of creative artisans founding small businesses based around their growing CAD and robotics upkeep skillsets.

Capitalism, like many elements of life, isn't always fair. Ideally, the real world would work like an overly optimistic economic model: perfectly rational people with all the information available transact perfect quantities of currency for exactly the value provided by the producer. You do good work, you receive due compensation -- period. In this world of literally interpreted models, concepts that often make or break real businesses, like a comprehensive marketing strategy and clear branding communicating a clear solution, matter not; those who make are kings, not those who sell.

Unfortunately, this conception of how the world works will ring naive to anyone who lives in the world. Good engineering can get a tech company competing, but if too many brands are competing for the abysmally limited attention span of the modern consumer, an otherwise innovative company can find themselves drowned out in a sea of noise.

Creatbot, a Chinese brand distributed by an Australian company, hopes to avoid this dreary fate with its D_ line of printers. A company founded and led by an engineer, Creatbot works on practical problems over flash and style. These creative technologists represent the future of the 3D printing industry, and it is their endeavors whom the forward thinking 3D printing companies fighting to stay alive ought to watch with the utmost care.

CreatBot DM Series | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Prints not just PLA and ABS, but also different fibers. Print quality is fair at the cost.

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Super easy to operate and the instructions are extremely awesome. The manual describes every single detail and you can just start going.

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