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A-One Specifications

Dim xl
released date


the a-one weighs 36.4 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


phone controllable
has bluetooth
a video

Editorial Review

The Coswheel A-One just might be the most convenient commuter currently available. The diminutive cross between an electric bicycle and an electric scooter, the A One folds up into a neatly portable bundle of metal for ease of carry after your ride. This feature, plus the relatively low price and other practical features, make the Coswheel A-One a very interesting alternative to the typical route to where you need to go.

The bike/scooter's foldable design makes for an intriguing look - cool, gray, and not overly adorned with baubles, the A-One looks like the simplified, streamlined future that many of us desire for our own. The future as the A-One brings it comes with an app (of course): using the Coswheel app, riders are able to connect with their fellow riders, adjust their speed, record their route, and more. A built-in GPS keeps you from losing your way, and powerful shock absorbers help with the vicissitudes of an uneven roadway. The only area of compromise made by the A-One, as compared with other, larger, electric vehicles, is the speed - a still quick top speed of 21 miles an hour means leaving the faster byways to the automobiles.

Will the Coswheel A-One become your 21st century commuter? Are you tired of idling in traffic, burning expensive fuel needlessly, contributing to a carbon footprint that may very well be the death of us all? Only certain folks will find themselves in a position to make a transition - but for those with short distances to travel on a day to day basis, or even for people looking for a new toy that won't (totally) break the bank, a Coswheel A-One is a good pickup.

Coswheel A-One | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

A-One Reviews From Around The Web


The A-One can be ready to go in just three seconds and takes up minimal space once collapsed and unfolded providing a top speed of 35 km an hour.

Tom's Guide

Doesn't look like the comfiest scooter to ride...but the small frame makes it highly portable... The battery takes 4 to 5 hours to charge.

Tom's Guide

Sturdy enough to carry a rider and a backpack...a dedicated app for both iOS and Android will allow the rider's smartphone to interact with the scooter.

Tom's Guide

Extremely compact and easy to transport...capable of pairing with either Android or iOS device and monitoring all the important things like the speed.

Tom's Guide

It is extremely portable and makes it easy to navigate through the heavy city traffic...ideal for bike lovers and helps them cover city parts with ease.

Tom's Guide