Contixo F3

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F3 Specifications

3.7" x 1.9" x 3.7"
released date


the f3 weighs 0.2 pounds


maximum flight time

7 min

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operating range in feet


phone controllable
has wifi
has usb

Editorial Review

Though consumer technology is often valued by what new features or functions it brings to the table, not everyone in the world is a big-dreaming innovator, and many products become quite successful by doing the same consistently well as the years roll on. The world of affordable drones inhabits a middle ground between these two realities: while some companies try to pack in fun twists for the lower prices, most just sell things that fly for a few minutes.

The Contixo F3 is somewhat in the middle of the aforementioned spectrum. Available for a very reasonable price, Contixo's F3 is still equipped with the handy "headless" function, with which you can draw a flight path on the accompanying smartphone app for your F3 to follow. The F3 is also fitted with a modest first-person camera, so you may consider getting this drone to get some practice flying full-on FPV.

Though nothing special, the Contixo F3 is nevertheless a solid pickup, especially for beginner flyers who aren't seeking a huge financial commitment just yet out of their budding drone hobby. For those who are ready to upgrade to an FPV drone ready to enter into a local race or two, check out the Eachine Falcon series or the Connex Falcore for starters.

Contixo F3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This mini drone is very durable. I crashed it many times when I was a beginner, it withstood the shock. The camera works very well and takes very nice videos.

Tom's Guide

I finally hit the jackpot! Got a drone that works with the app. You just got to get used to flying it and controlling it. This is my first drone and I love it.

Tom's Guide

Got this for a great price, couldn't be happier. It's has great quality piece on the inside and the camera works great.

Tom's Guide