Contixo F17

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F17 Specifications

released date


the f17 weighs 11.8 pounds


maximum flight time

18 min

number of rotors


operating range in feet


phone controllable
remote control included
has wifi

Editorial Review

The Contixo brand has been built off of putting a cool aesthetic onto replicas of drones already proven to be quite popular, and the F17 is no different. Modeled very clearly (some might say, identically) after the MJX Bugs 3, the F17 is a similarly adaptive hybrid between a speedy racer and an aerial photography machine. Like the Bugs 3, the F17 boasts impressive specs at a relatively low price, with some nice little touches from the team at Contixo rounding out an overall great offering.

Considering the price range of the F17, the flight times it boasts are truly spectacular. At 18-20 minutes without extraneous equipment, or 10-15 minutes when hooked up with camera and landing gear, the F17 will fly for at least half as long as, say, the Phantom 2 Vision Plus at a much lesser fraction of a price. The 4K camera is another impressive addition, providing impressively clear picture (and able to be used as a little miniature camera, given its backside LCD display). The controller is fully-labelled, a key feature for new fliers often overlooked by even the best companies. The drone even come shipped in a nice aluminum case, so transport is safe and easy.

The F17 is interesting for many reasons, but a chief one being its ability to show new users two sides of this emergent hobby: racing and aerial photography. For those dedicated to either, opportunities are popping up every day to take your hobby to the next level—whether that be zipping around the track in the Drone Racing League or working as an aerial photographer for your local news station, drones are figuring into our future a little more every day.

Contixo F17 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It is fast and agile. It performs tight flips and rolls which allows you to keep momentum during forward flight for some acrobatics.

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The speed and power are great, but we spend a lot of time charging the battery, and typically we have to return home to charge it, which cuts down on the fun.

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