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D1315 Specifications

9.8" x 9.8" x 17.5"
released date


the d1315 weighs 15 pounds


has usb
Upc n
955530  977893
build volume
5.1" x 5.1" x 5.9"

Editorial Review

CoLiDo has made something of a name for themselves over these past few years as a brand that stands for quality, affordable FDM kits and ready-to-go machines. This, their D1315, is CoLiDo's desktop delta, a machine that may or may not take some design cues from CoLiDo's person-sized delta, the $26,000 Mega. The D1315 is much less expensive than the Mega, of course, and as a 2017 release, hopes to bridge the gap in ease of use between deltas and more traditional Cartesian 3D printers.

The D1315, being relatively new at the time of review, has received relatively little consumer attention—something likely to be rectified handily in the months to come. The available data on the machine speaks quite favorably on its behalf—with a maximum resolution of just 50 microns, the D1315's low price point appears as an even more ridiculous value than is typically seen with the svelte delta printer. CoLiDo claims the D1315 prints at a speed roughly 2.7 times faster than the average Cartesian 3D printer, and that it consumes roughly as much energy as a 60-watt light bulb—both claims not atypical of deltas. Buyers can expect a typical delta experience from the D1315: beautiful and practical when working, infuriating when issues surface.

If you've graduated from hobby-level 3D printing into something more industrial, the aforementioned CoLiDo Mega may be something worth looking at. This beast of a machine boasts a print area of one meter cubed, and hopes to bring the fluid grace of the delta to the big time. Some engineers who've examined the machine expressed concerns that the vibrations might diminish print quality, particularly with larger prints. But for $26,000, it's probable that parent company Print-Rite would be happy to let you try before you buy, to see for yourself if the Mega can handle your needs.

CoLiDo D1315 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It doesn't look cheap or flimsy...ready to run immediately, uses any filament...No heated bed, so you'll be using PLA only, no ABS. Small build area.

Tom's Guide

It was set-up and running in about 20 minutes...The biggest problem I've found is it pauses as it is USB only...Prints will pause and the print head will stay where it is.

Tom's Guide