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2.0+ Specifications

released date


the 2.0+ weighs 24.3 pounds


has usb
Upc n
955530  942389
build volume
8.9" x 5.7" x 5.5"

Editorial Review

The Colido 2.0+ is a quiet, fairly compact desktop FDM printer that prints well, consistently, and isn't a maintenance headache. The price may be a bit high for some users, but for those who can afford the modest expense, you'll receive a very solid if fairly standard 3D printer.

The filament lineup for the Colido bears resemblance to the other printers short on fancy aesthetic, long on quality performance. From the standard PLA and ABS to flexible, wood-like, and transparent materials, the Colido 2.0+ competes well with most in terms of functional versatility. This, in combination with the fairly sizable build space, convenient glass build platform, and relatively noiseless production, make the 2.0+ a good choice for a range of more casual 3D printer printers, from educators to new hobbyists.

The 3D printing market has taken its participants for quite a roller coaster ride in its brief existence, and Colido, as well as all of their many competitors, has been forced to respond by further squeezing prices, ensuring more consistent features, and on top of these fundamental elements, innovate continuously from model to model or be forced out of business. While this is environment is likely fraught with tension on the production side, consumers ought to rejoice - our home factories are getting better with each passing month.

CoLiDo 2.0+ | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

2.0+ Reviews From Around The Web


One of the best 3D Printers I have had the pleasure to work with. The quality of manufacturing and the reliability are second to is very quiet.

Tom's Guide

This stuff is good...Printouts look great and are very detailed. Definitely I will come back for the filaments. The sales and the customer services explained clearly.

Tom's Guide

The price is a bit high but the overall quality is good. Remember to keep the extruder clean. Anyway, I highly recommend this machine.

Tom's Guide