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OI-100R Specifications

2.2" x 2.8" x 10.7"
the oi-100r weighs 1 pounds


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Editorial Review

As long as human beings have teeth, which will probably be right up until we evolve into creatures that absorb nutrients through their skin by osmosis, we'll need to protect them from that most pernicious enemy of dental health: food. That's right. The very stuff we place in our stomachs to keep us alive is also the greatest reason our teeth fall out. Particles of food get stuck between teeth. The sugars in that food degrade into acids and begin to eat away at our dental enamel. The teeth decay. The result, to use the scientific terminology, is a yucky mess.

To fight yucky mess, most dentists recommend flossing your teeth daily, but there's some debate as to whether flossing does any good. A better way to rid your mouth of yucky mess is to shoot high-speed streams of water onto your teeth, between your teeth and under your gum line. That's why, back in the 1960s, the company that eventually became Waterpik invented the oral irrigator. And, as oral irrigators became more popular, other companies began to imitate them. One such company is Pursonic.

The Pursonic OI-100R fires water against your teeth at a pressure of 40 to 80 pounds per inch (ouch!), pulsing the water to massage your gums and make those food particles dance their way right out from under your gum line and into the bathroom sink. It has a swiveling head, so you can rotate it to hit your teeth from any angle, most importantly from behind. (Be honest: How often do you remember to brush the back of your teeth? God knows what's growing back there.) Like at least 2/3rds of the other oral irrigators on the market, Pursonic advertises that the OI-100R will work around braces and dental implants, removing those nasty food particles that have already degenerated into dental plaque and warding off yucky mess even in mouths that have experienced a lot of it in the past. It comes with four nozzles for different users.

Similar products for fighting yucky mess are available from the oral irrigator inventors themselves, Waterpik, and from relative newcomers to the field like Panasonic.

Pursonic OI-100R | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

OI-100R Reviews From Around The Web


Only way to use this is in the shower as there is no intermittent spray, thus water sprays all over the place and necessitating constant refilling. Awful!

Tom's Guide

Very effective! Glad to have purchased the product. Everyone has their own spray nozzle.

Tom's Guide

Neither love it nor hate it. It does the job.

Tom's Guide

The unit works well with an adequate water supply. Didn't realize all the food particles this device can wash out from your teeth/mouth. A good value in oral irrigators!

Tom's Guide