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the 6035r weighs 9.7 pounds


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Editorial Review

Bidets are a 17th Century French invention that's never really caught on in America or the U.K. except as a part of other systems, like showers or toilets, or as a medical necessity for users with special needs. If you don't know what a bidet is and are squeamish about bodily functions, you're probably better off not knowing the details of how one works. (And good luck finding an online vendor that will tell you exactly what a product like the Coco 6035R or the Alpha JX does.) Just think of bidets as highly specialized devices for the sanitary care of extremely intimate parts of your body. Beyond that, you might want to use your imagination.

The Coco 6035R is a robotic bidet, a product category that's been around for several decades and that has turned out to be very useful in hospitals or home settings where the user isn't able to take a shower as often as they might like. As with a lot of robotic bidets, the Coco 6035R fits on top of a toilet seat, not just to take advantage of the preexisting plumbing but to give the user the ability to clean body parts at precisely the moment when those body parts need to be cleaned.

The 6035R is self-cleaning, with a built-in infrared dryer and a catalytic deodorizing filter. It has its own tank of water separate from the toilet's that provides a steady stream to its two nozzles, one in the back and one in the front, designed for cleaning body parts in the back and in the front. The nozzles have an Intensive Impulse Pulsation to assist users with constipation, another feature that's better left to the imagination.

If you need special assistance getting clean or just think a bidet with a remote control would be luxurious, you'll probably want to look at the Coco 6035R before you make a purchase.

Coco 6035R | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Unit works perfectly...remote works nicely and has clear, understandable controls...can control seat temp, water temp, nozzle positions, and water force.

Tom's Guide

This model has two nozzles and they are perfectly aligned for a proper wash...I highly recommend this model for its ideal design, reliability, and comfort.

Tom's Guide

The digital remote control allows you to customize the functions of the water pressure, temperature, heated seat, and even has a function designed for children.

Tom's Guide

The Coco 6035 R is the bentley of bidets with an infrared warm air dryer, deodoriser, remote control, and more.

Tom's Guide

Remote has a very limited range, but works fine if mounted on the walls...coco seems to aim more accurately than the toto, and require less shifting in the seat.

Tom's Guide