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LCS-30P Specifications

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the lcs-30p weighs 5.2 pounds


Editorial Review

The LCS-30P is the largest in Clippercreek's LCS series, all of which are Level 2 EVSEs of a rather compact variety. The 30P is differentiated from the base LCS-30 due to its availability to be fitted with NEMA 14-30 plugs. As the name indicates, the LCS-30P takes full advantage of the standard 30 amp, 240 Volt circuits one hooks these EVSEs up to—a claim that cannot be made by any of the LCS-20P's little siblings.

Standard fixtures of all versions of the Clippercreek LCS series include a twenty-five foot charging cable, status indicator lights to quickly indicate charging level, a three-year manufacturer's warranty, and the ability to deliver 5.8 kilowatts of juice. Inlets on the top and bottom of this wall-mounted unit make cable wrapping neat and easy, and a little holster for the part that hooks up to the electric vehicle is also included. There's a water-tight NEMA 4 enclosure, no required assembly, and charging speeds up to four times faster than what is seen with a Level 1 cordset. That charge speed will have most electric cars topped off with juice in roughly four hours.

While EVSE's aren't strictly necessary, as everything you absolutely need to charge an electric car comes built-in, they do make things a heck of a lot more convenient. But for those who find themselves low on power whilst on the road, finding a charging station near you gets easier with each passing month. Sites like PlugShare, ChargeHub, and even just Google can aid you a great deal when looking for such a station nearby.

ClipperCreek LCS-30P | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Works perfectly and no problems since it is a plug-in. The tricky part was installing the 240V outlet since it ran 40 feet from an outside breaker box.

Tom's Guide

The unit feels well built, the cord is long, and everything works fine. It's only been a week or so but no issues so far.

Tom's Guide