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HCS-40 Specifications

9" x 5.3" x 19.7"
released date


the hcs-40 weighs 13 pounds


Editorial Review

If you're not one of those people who's in serious denial about the human cause behind climate change, or who hasn't noticed that each year is hotter than the one before, you know that internal combustion engines are on the way out. The main question is what we're going to replace them with. Serious work is being done to develop hydrogen cars, which produce nothing more polluting than steam when they're driven. And there are even plans in the works for cars that run on compressed air, a bit the way balloons demonstrate an amazing amount of kinetic energy when you stick a pin into their delicate plastic. But in the near future, the only practical replacement for cars that use internal combustion engines for their motive power is cars that use electric batteries. You may even own a hybrid, like a Prius, but you're still burning a substantial amount of carbon-producing oil. The only pollution created by electric cars comes from the coal-burning plants that produce part of the power in the electric grid, but electric cars will still push your carbon footprint a lot closer to zero. (Next, you might want to consider adding solar panels to the roof of your house.)

The problem with electric vehicles (EVs) is finding a place to charge them. Until battery-swapping stations become common along major travel routes and chargers start appearing in the parking lot of your workplace, you'll have to do most of your charging at home. ClipperCreek is working on the charging problem and the HCS-40 will work off a standard 240 volt outlet to charge your car as quickly as it can without requiring you to rewire your garage. The HCS-40 has a durable cover so that you don't have to keep it in the garage; you can install it outside without fear of damage from the elements. Want to know how fast it will charge your car? Here's Clipper Creek's chart showing charging times for various EVs.

For an alternative, look at the Leviton EVB40-P5T or the ChargePoint Home Hardwire.

ClipperCreek HCS-40 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It has worked flawlessly so far. It came with good installation instructions, and all the hardware needed to mount the unit to my garage wall.

Tom's Guide

The unit is very well built and impervious to heat, rain, snow and ice. The handle clicks firmly into the holster which protects it.

Tom's Guide