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Wood Single Specifications

5.1" x 5" x 5.9"
the wood single weighs 2.9 pounds


Editorial Review

It's possible that somebody other than a watch store owner might want to buy the Chiyoda Wood Single automatic winder, but it's hard to imagine why. The Chiyoda is a handmade wooden box, looking remarkably like the box you'd buy a watch in, that keeps the mainspring in a single watch wound and perpetually running so that it never shows the wrong time or date. A pair of glass panels in the box show off the watch as it pirouettes gracefully to display all of its best angles. Maybe you'd want one of these at home to decorate the dining room centerpiece with the Rolex that's too expensive for you to actually risk putting on your wrist, but it would be a lot more appropriate on the checkout counter in a store where it could entice someone to purchase a bargain-priced watch on impulse.

The Chiyoda runs silently, so nobody will hear the gears that are keeping the watch wound and mistake them for the noise the watch itself makes. The interior is velvet lined, so the watch will be comfy while it's waiting to be adopted by a good home and won't get scratched before anybody even puts it on their wrist. It can be set to match the winding needs of a number of different watch models, so it won't accidentally cause the mainspring to explode or underwind to the point where the watch starts showing yesterday's time. The unit runs on a pair of 1.5-volt batteries, but an AC adapter is included. The interior of the box is static-free, so the watch won't accidentally become magnetized.

User reviews on Amazon are generally quite glowing, with the major negative comment being that the motor can become noisier after a few months. This could be the result of a faulty unit, but if you want to look at a similar watch winder from a different manufacturer, try the Orbita Sparta. Or if you want to wind and display four watches simultaneously, look at the Heiden Prestige Quad.

Chiyoda Wood Single | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The problem I found is that the pillow doesn't fit tightly enough in the holder.

Tom's Guide

The Chiyoda Single Watch Winder is my first automatic watch winder (for my first automatic watch), and I couldn't be happier.

Tom's Guide