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Home Plug Specifications

Dim 1
released date


the home plug weighs 3.8 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi

Editorial Review

ChargePoint knows EV service equipment. Their network of 25,000 charging locations across North America has established them as the continent's largest public provider of EV power, and with the ChargePoint Home they're able to extend their reach into your garage. A level two charger with a sleek look and smart design, the ChargePoint Home integrates seamlessly into the "home of tomorrow" — a life driven by WiFi-enabled tech, zero-emission travel, and renewable power generation.

The ChargePoint Home's design is imitative of a gasoline pump (like the Aerovironment EVSE-RS), only more futuristic. The 25-foot charging cable ought to reach across all but to most gargantuan of garages, with the Home's design providing space to handily wrap all that cord around neatly and efficiently. Integration with the Nest home system is also possible, allowing for precise management and oversight of electricity outflows, giving users the power to optimize charging costs by aligning charge times with changing electricity rates. The ChargePoint app also allows you to program set times for charging, giving the option of regularity (and accompanying reminders to achieve this end) to ensure your EV is always ready to go.

For looks and functionality, ChargePoint has made a strong foray into the Home with this charging unit — but it's far from the only option out there. Perhaps your needs are less demanding and you're looking to pare back on cost? Then a level one charger, like this ChargePoint product, will be right for you. For a product that competes strongly on speed of power generation, check out the JuiceBox Pro.

ChargePoint Home Plug | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It's a great charger that tells you how much you're spending for the electricity that you are charging your car with.

Tom's Guide

Charge point app was easy to activate and is a nice feature to be able to monitor and program charging remotely.

Tom's Guide