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Oracle Specifications

16.2" x 15" x 18"
released date


the oracle weighs 34.5 pounds


Editorial Review

If the relatively inexpensive Breville Dual Boiler doesn't have all the features you want, then you might want to set your sights higher, on the Breville Oracle. One of the signature features of the Breville automated espresso makers is their ability to fine-tune the temperature of both the coffee and milk froth, letting you tell them exactly how you like each one heated, eliminating complaints that the froth is too tepid or that the espresso tends to burn your mouth (or just tastes overcooked). If you don't want to experiment, the Oracle will even put a smiley face on the temperature display when it thinks you've hit a good setting. (You're free to disagree with it and banish Mr. Smiley to LCD oblivion with the twist of a knob.) The Breville pre-infuses the beans with water and actually lets you set the pre-infusion time and temperature, as well as the pressure of the water that actually makes the espresso. Obviously there are a lot of control freaks at Breville, and their espresso makers pass that precise controllability on to the user in a way that most such machines don't.

Still not enough control for you? The Breville lets you set the fineness of the grind to a wide range of levels and tamps down the resulting grinds for you. It even lets you set the tamping pressure. One feature that the Oracle has that the Dual Boiler doesn't is to conjure up an Americano, which requires additional hot water from a special spout to make it about the same strength as dripped coffee, but with a more powerful flavor. There are built-in alerts for cleaning, descaling, et al, plus a self-cleaning feature on the spouts. As with the Dual Boiler, there are cup warmers on the lid. The Oracle isn't fully automatic, in that you'll have to do some of the same work you'd do on a non-automated espresso maker to put specialty drinks together. So you sacrifice some ease of use to get that extra control.

If you want a machine in the same price range that does more of the mixing for you with less precision to the controls, you'd do well to consider the Miele CM6310.

Breville Oracle | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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I love the machine and think everything it does puts it in a class of its own.

Tom's Guide

This one is by far the best and most sophisticated one I have ever had.

Tom's Guide

There is no way to change the dosage or tamp pressure which leaves you limited to only changing grind size.

Tom's Guide

I have had this machine for about 6 months. I've totally enjoyed the ease of use and great espresso drinks. It saves counter space because the grinder is built in.

Tom's Guide