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Witbox 2 Specifications

Dim 1
released date


the witbox 2 weighs 66.1 pounds


has usb
build volume
8.3" x 11.7" x 7.9"

Editorial Review

With the development of the Witbox in 2013, Bq, best known for smartphone and tablet manufacturing, became Spain’s desktop prototyping pioneers. The Witbox quickly won acclaim for its robust design and large build platform, and earned high ratings for ease of use, reliability, and overall performance. Layer resolution of up to 50 microns placed Witbox’s print quality at the top of its class.

Following in its predecessor’s footsteps, the Witbox 2 is an open-source system with fully enclosed chassis for tinkerer-friendly use in classrooms and busy office environments. To the original’s voluminous build area and stackable frame, the Witbox 2 adds a new CNC circuit board, auto leveling, and higher resolution intuitive graphic LCD display. Though neither the original nor the Witbox 2 has the heated build plate for working with ABS, Witbox 2’s new double drive gear traction system extruder helps prevent clogs and enables its use not only with PLA, but also with more exotic materials such as bronze, wood, copper, and FilaFlex.

The Witbox 2 lacks the dual extruder option of competitors like the Lulzbot Taz 5 and Flashforge Creator Pro, but shares their reputation for noisiness. Although the Witbox 2’s maker community is still relatively small, those who’ve dealt with Bq’s tech support and customer service have nothing but praise for them, and the fanbase will surely grow as more 3D printing enthusiasts discover the Witbox and share their experiences with the wider open systems community.

Of course, newcomers to the rapid prototyping game face no shortage of challenges — with fierce competition from established manufacturers with deeper pockets, the constant threat posed by other innovators entering the market, and the industry’s incredibly volatile competitive environment. How often does the manufacturing world conjure up such operatic intrigues as those that have made Makerbot and its erstwhile CEO Bre Pettis pariahs among their peers?

But having nosed ahead of more experienced additive manufacturing specialists their first time out of the gate, Bq’s Witbox might just sire a new breed of winners in the 3D printing race. If nothing else, the Witbox 2 is poised to win its creators a fresh wave of followers by building on the impressive strength of its forbears.

Bq Witbox 2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The device works flawlessly and silently. I think we could not have a better device for this budget. And also the support via email was quick and concrete.

Tom's Guide

Very nice and more user friendly interface! Delivery was ultra fast! Great product and great shop!

Tom's Guide

The design of the Bq Witbox 2 is not very original but reuses a proven architecture, thus simple and robust.

Tom's Guide