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VeroAroma 700 Specifications

15.2" x 11" x 18.9"
the veroaroma 700 weighs 22.3 pounds


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242002  803241

Editorial Review

The Bosch Veroaroma 700 is another high-end coffee machine from the good folks over at Bosch, a successful German conglomerate with over 130 years of diverse engineering expertise credited to them. As with the previously reviewed Bosch Verocafe, the Veroaroma 700 suffers the same issue in its marketing of buzzword overuse, but also like with the Verocafe, that abuse of proper nouns isn't covering up a deficiency in the product so much as a transparent attempt to stand out with some cheap inventiveness. Like most other machines priced around the exorbitant cost of a Veroaroma 700, this is a versatile, effective way to craft barista-worthy coffee and espresso beverages that will probably pay for itself if replacing a daily Starbucks habit.

Upon first glance, the Bosch Veroaroma 700 draws you in with its slick look, from the crisp digital interface to the lighting beaming down at the spigots the coffee is poured from. It comes with two spouts, for either quicker production of one beverage of simultaneous production of two drinks. The tank holds up to 1.7 liters of water, or roughly a quarter of a gallon—enough for a few beverages before a refill. As with other high-end machines, the Veroaroma 700 also features built-in self-cleaning, though cracking the thing open manually every so often might be a good idea. Up top there's a built-in coffee grinder, and as someone who has made the switch from grounds to beans I can attest to the quality difference experienced therein. The most important function of this machine, the ability to make a range of coffee and espresso drinks, is present here to the degree you'd expect: upon purchase, users can enjoy anything from a simple coffee, to a cappuccino, latte, macchiatto—basically any combination of espresso and frothed milk you'd like.

Bosch VeroAroma 700 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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We have the coffee machine now three weeks and are so far very satisfied. We can definitely recommend this machine.

Tom's Guide

This is our second coffee machine from Bosch. It makes great coffee and great milk foam. We are very satisfied. Top machine!

Tom's Guide

After a long search I found the right fully automatic machine. I can only say that it's worth every penny. The Latte Macchiato is really fantastic.

Tom's Guide